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He's a psycho bitch

Jan 20, 2018 by NicoleF
Who complains and whines about the tiniest things and he's a major hypocrite.

That's right...I'm @'ing you obey_me


You're irrelevant
Sent by obey_me,Jan 20, 2018
Says you bitch... obey_me
Sent by NicoleF,Jan 20, 2018
nicolef you're a gender faker with no friend's
Stuck here 24/7
Sent by obey_me,Jan 20, 2018
Um...I'm a male...with a male is that gender faking?

The name is just because I love Nicole Franzel from BB...

Also says're a gender faker! obey_me
Sent by NicoleF,Jan 20, 2018
Says the person with two accounts obey_me / me2013 .... who's paying people on my info lol... the same person that's always logged in ... NicoleF don't even entertain this fucktard
Sent by Jayglezst,Jan 20, 2018
Lol you're crazy. Remember how you attack Franky all the time because he can't respond to your craziness. Stupid dog.
Sent by obey_me,Jan 20, 2018
Ummm I am not obey_me - I am my own person and I don't have any multis..... I am not a hypocrite like you.
Sent by me2013,Jan 20, 2018

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