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Big Brother House

Jun 20, 2018 by Nick33
Love it! Might be one of the best ones yet! I love the rock climbing wall. If the houseguest are going to rock climb this summer i might have to as well. Also love that the walls between bedrooms opens. The HOH room also just looks more lounge like, since the bed is low and it feels like more people will be able to hang out in the room


the tyrant Gagaluv abuses her powers on tg. I can't post blogs now cause of gagaluv #letstevespeak
Sent by steve4280,Jun 20, 2018
Nick33 please send me the link!I dont find it
Sent by FoxyWinters,Jun 20, 2018
I really like it too
Sent by Amanyaman,Jun 20, 2018

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