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  6. all my friends are dead
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  11. I believe in Karma
  12. getting drunk
  13. join survivor
  14. Who's your favorite Stranger things Character
  15. I turn 21 in 2 weeks
  16. I broke the curse of getting 11th in stars
  17. I had a weird sex dream the other night
  18. just watched the most epic tribal council
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  21. Orgo quiz tomorrow
  22. Im very drunk
  23. Stars Support
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Mar 24, 2015 by Nick33
can someone give me a link or tell me a site. Cause i really want to watch it but i can't find it anywhere online

Sent by Ireland,Mar 24, 2015
ok you have two options download hola and set it up to where you are canadian and watch it on their site or use poor quality and go to archive in
Sent by Tundra,Mar 24, 2015
Sent by Dannny,Mar 24, 2015 steams it life Sundays at 7, Mondays at 8 and Wednesdays at 9. All these are est times and it is amazing quality. He is also looking to set up a site for us to watch feeds.
Sent by Jimmyp,Mar 25, 2015

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