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  1. Bb21 Pairs~
  2. MY NEW AVI #FIRE!!!
  3. Is there any confirmed bb21 contestants
  4. +500 (petition to bring the duel back)
  5. ;)
  6. Survivor
  7. Kelley Wentworth - Survivor LEGEND
  8. Kelley Wentworth Survivor Legend
  9. Hiii
  10. Question
  11. CBBUS2
  12. If I mail save u in stars
  13. I miss stats honestly ;(
  14. How many people vote in stars?
  15. Thanks 48.9 we almost did it <3
  16. Damn I need a miracle
  17. :(
  18. my friends list
  19. is anyone else jealous of someone elses avi
  20. +3 for castings
  21. Theres an active shooter at my best friends school
  22. bored, pyn
  23. PYN and ill tell u which music icon u are!
  24. Baby shark is iconic
  25. Just won 200 in bingo
  26. Hola
  27. What’s on tv tonight?
  28. Give me the loot
  29. Just bought Meet and greet
  30. :(
  31. Who does the public
  32. Please consider saving me in stars guys
  33. NOMMED FOR 7th!
  34. Help
  35. Morning <3
  36. Mood
  37. I really can’t wait for my next 2 concerts
  38. Watched CBB
  39. #Prayforjonathanbennett
  40. Who are y’all rooting for on cbb

BB20 epiphany! READ & THOUGHTS

Sep 17, 2018 by Nick24678
Tyler is playing a very similar game to Paul, but he is managing his backstabs better. He has made it known that he wants to take Kaycee to the end BUT what if his major plan is to “fall in love” with Angela and take her to the end knowing no one likes her and it gives him the perfect excuse to have fucked over all of his other final 2s. The power of love....

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