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  1. Ben is so annoying
  2. heather and Lacey from rock of love
  3. ive only listened
  4. anyone wanna g4g tiara
  5. green tribe sucks
  6. i hate doing class on zoom
  7. this season of survivor
  8. living for this
  9. am i the only one
  10. 8 harry potter films
  11. classes got cancelled for me until march 31st
  12. I have faith
  13. listening to tatu
  14. feeling joe af
  15. i need to go to paris
  16. all the bright places
  17. i rewatch
  18. what makes someone a relatable youtuber?
  19. spamming a tger
  20. hooking up with a promoter
  21. talking to bald men
  22. i feel bad for today's preteens
  23. the hardest question in LA
  24. bjork went off on hyperballad
  25. i miss when there was an influx of girl groups
  26. I literally thought
  27. beyoncé performing xo😭
  28. im obsessed
  29. i love how
  30. i need to advocate for myself more lol
  31. is there a reason
  32. was no one gonna tell me
  33. pamela anderson 4 president
  34. give it up for Tinasha!
  35. the amount of times
  36. got partnered
  38. Taco Bell do be hittin
  39. just listened to keshas album
  40. i literally hate

there’s always that one girl

Jan 17, 2020 by Nichole98
during icebreakers who answers “what’s your fave food” with “i like all food I looooove to eat” Plssssss


Im that gorl
Sent by _Adidas_,Jan 17, 2020

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