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  1. i cried watching happy death day 2u like 3 times
  2. im seeing
  3. remember when
  4. i have never stepped foot into an applebees
  5. whenever i see a guy
  6. xtina losing both of her noms
  7. why does this photo of me and my friend from 2014
  8. ghostin is the best song on TUN
  9. roman holiday by nicki minaj
  10. there are many channels to go through
  11. i might drop money to see xtina in vegas
  12. a 9 to 5
  13. My friend
  14. theres this guy who always buys me mcdonalds
  15. when i see a maga
  16. i miss when tila tequila made music
  17. omg
  18. this season of cbb is so boring
  19. it was so psychotic of me
  20. i accidentally dyed my hair chunti red
  21. im literally doing the most for a boy
  22. that sweet but psycho song
  23. literally everyone at my college looks the same
  24. i want to get drunk
  25. i need a lobotomy
  27. opposites really do attract
  28. trump supporters are hideous
  29. kissing men with facial hair
  30. literally
  31. music snobs are boring
  32. i wish ariana sampled good morning baltimore
  33. good girls on netflix
  34. my friend is getting lip fillers tomorrow
  35. my umbrella broke
  36. ohmygod
  37. who did costume design for jake gylenhaal
  38. my professor looks like
  39. why do girls in college
  40. me tomorrow

this season of cbb is so boring

Jan 27, 2019 by Nichole98
i only like kandi

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