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  1. aly & aj concert was sooo good
  2. bangerz is still the funniest album ever
  3. analyse is winning bb21
  4. I got my paycheck
  5. Miley’s ep is actually really good
  6. im seeing xtina in 2 weeks
  7. the asian girl in the society
  8. im babysitting my niece who is 4
  9. dove cameron
  10. survivor is rigged against
  11. I’ve worked at both mcdonalds and chick fil a
  12. _adidas_ is the gabriel zamora of tengaged
  13. sweetener tour was so fun
  14. jonas brothers
  15. lindsay lohan has been so funny recently
  16. kacey musgraves is so fucking hot
  17. ketamine is THE gateway drug
  18. im literally seeing
  19. iggy azealias music
  20. how is emery bingham's song
  21. what do people do for fun
  22. azealia banks is so fucking funny
  23. the new fka twigs and kim petras songs
  24. stop the violence
  25. 3 more weeks
  27. i havent watched american idol in like 6 years
  28. does anyone have the gif
  29. siesta key
  30. i need more songs that make me feel like an..
  31. tell me why
  32. this season of vivor has actually been good
  33. My phone died
  34. dont understand that billie girl hype lol
  35. literally cried when green tribe got immunity
  36. i cant stop watching
  37. I wasn’t going to go to the gym today
  38. going to the gym in the morning
  39. did cardio at the gym for an hour
  40. someone slap me

my brother made me watch terrifier with him

Dec 23, 2018 by Nichole98
and if u saw the movie u know exactly what scene scarred me for life


What is this movie and where we watch it
Sent by MarieEve,Dec 23, 2018
its on netflix but i do not recommend sksksk MarieEve
Sent by Nichole98,Dec 23, 2018
Tell me the scene!!
Sent by MastaManipulator_11,Dec 23, 2018
the blondes death MastaManipulator_11
Sent by Nichole98,Dec 23, 2018
I was actually thinking about watching that lol
Sent by skyler1822,Dec 23, 2018
Im watch I like.horror
Sent by MarieEve,Dec 23, 2018
Sent by Macda27,Dec 23, 2018
Ok I'm watching it now ..the scene lolll one as eating strawberries pie in the same time omg.
Sent by MarieEve,Dec 23, 2018
Sent by MarieEve,Dec 23, 2018

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