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  1. eating ass is good for u
  2. my boyfriend
  3. that plum dress in designs
  4. Is it rude
  5. no vets
  6. gagaluv get a job challenge
  7. this site is embarrassing
  8. you know what
  9. Rachel
  10. why should I be sad
  11. This is a GOOD day
  12. haleigh
  13. the guys are ugly again this season ughhh
  14. rachel
  15. praying
  16. my brain
  17. listening to SOPHIE
  18. I have raised MILLIONS
  19. the degrassi:tng reunion
  20. I need 1 more boyfriend
  21. does anyone
  22. I hope
  23. how is it
  24. Saw kim petras perform live
  25. which gays am I seeing at La pride tom
  26. Thank you 馃挅
  27. thinkin about
  28. my friend made a sex tape
  29. there hasn't been a good song on the radio
  30. Ty!!
  31. Kelly Wentworth winning survivor 38
  32. LOL
  33. who are these people
  34. kim petras
  35. the new bachelorette is boring and corny
  36. Pete davidson is so cute lol
  37. omg
  38. anyone wanna g4g black hair
  39. why cant the 13rw stylists
  40. Should ppl who listen to Justin Timberlake have..


Mar 6, 2018 by Nichole98
is so funny to me like if it wasnt corny i wouldnt watch


really? I actually stopped watching bc it was so corny; I couldn't take it anymore. I might re-watch as a guilty pleasure some time, though.
Sent by mildsalsa,Mar 6, 2018
it makes me laugh mildsalsa and i think all the guys are hot except cole sprouse
Sent by Nichole98,Mar 6, 2018
well, I cannot argue about the guys, especially daddy Archie -- but my ears bleed everytime I hear "Archiekins" like Veronica is so cringey and bad.
Sent by mildsalsa,Mar 7, 2018

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