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Dec 21, 2017 by NewNightmare7
i feel like is starting to lose its grip a bit. I still love the show but with all these twists, it seems like production is trying so hard to create drama on their own and they seem to be forgetting the most important part about survivor....casting.

I truly think that this season that just aired could have been one of it's best due to the casting because all of these people had great things going on in the game. Devon alone played imo the best game that season without any use of idols and mostly just his mind. That is one of the things that just makes survivor so good and there is no need to try do damn hard for all this drama because you cast the right people, there will be drama no matter what....

I really hope eventually the producers will understand but from the looks of Ghost Island, that might not be the case, yet I am still looking forward to it.



At least with Ghost Island they are owning up for it being a twisty season and everyone should be able to incorporate that into their plans. Plus it could work ut quite well as long as they don't overdo it with the twists there.
Sent by Novamax243,Dec 21, 2017

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