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  1. I hate sum me
  2. I love eating Danishes
  3. This host rigs all his games
  4. I can't sleep
  5. BB20 will have 4 returning players
  6. Aesthetic
  7. these hoes really voted me out
  8. What aboot love?
  9. Lauren Southern has got it going on
  10. Jillian is one of the blonde girls coming back
  11. I like rich guys
  12. I flipped over a fence backwards last night
  13. Remember when they brought Paul back
  14. how is Celtics pronounced?
  15. Just bought Red level!
  16. new people added to my revenge list
  17. Big Brother is a game best suited for Neda..
  18. im ready for my pussy to finally erupt
  19. can people join fasting?
  20. underrated masterpiece
  21. Confession
  22. Help I was robbed!
  23. Iconic season
  24. Should I join hunger?
  25. I'm still shooketh
  26. Vanessa is winning all-stars
  27. Seriously...
  28. Actual footage of Kirsten entering the house
  29. Veronica ended Flopsten
  30. BBCan6 Episode 1
  31. Paras Atashnak
  32. Look at this devil
  33. Paras Atashnak
  34. I'm back for my 3rd season bitches!
  35. Maybe it's scam? Maybe it's Maybelline!
  36. Should I drink
  37. I am Team Mark
  38. The Queen is back!
  39. Celebrity Big Brother Blog Game
  40. a season

underrated masterpiece

Jun 2, 2018 by Neda_Kalantar

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