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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Hunger Games 109: Day 1

Apr 19, 2021 by NanoNerd
District 1 (2 Wins)

M-Mork ( Mrkk)
F-Marie ( MDoll)

District 2 (1 Win)

M-Clanos ( iiCreazyGX)
F-Sarah ( 7unarEclipse)

District 3

M-Cam ( DrPepsi)
F-Janelle ( oswordo3)

District 4 (1 Win)

M-Anon ( ColinCoco)
F-Angie ( Tester)

District 5

M-Clark ( tbrown_47)
F-Gretchen ( Crayadian)

District 6

M-Pedrito ( BadBunny)
F-Valerie ( amf7410)

District 7 (1 Win)

M-Guillaume ( Guigi)
F-Fwa ( JonMcGillis)

District 8 (1 Win)

M-Calvin ( SmoothStalker12)
F-Flo ( Florina)

District 9

M-Jake ( charrison790564)
F-Valinda ( Blxckandgold)

District 10 (2 Wins)

M-Alex ( alexclow345)
F-Blake ( Yandereboy12)

District 11

M-William ( Willie_)
F-Krista ( anthousai)

District 12

M-Sam ( manafa)
F-Chloe ( Thiii)

It’s almost time for the games to begin.

The tributes are raised up into their respective tubes, and are each standing in there respective pedestals.

This year’s cornucopia is a giant stone circle with a floor made out of pebble-like rocks. Around the cornucopia are a bunch of tall plants and vines. There are also greenhouses visible in the distance.

The tributes are waiting for the timer to hit 0.

10, 9, 8...

Blake looks like she can hardly contain herself. She is extremely overwhelmed right now.


Blake is even more overwhelmed as the timer counts down.


Blake eventually can’t handle the circumstances. She decides to step off of her pedestal.



The other tributes try to ignore the death they just witnessed.


Calvin and Flo glance at each other. William and Krista also glance at each other. The two pairs even glance at one another.


Janelle is looking at all of the women in the arena. She knows that 11 women are still alive... and she wants to keep as many alive as possible.


Gretchen looks both confident and nervous at the same time. She knows what her abilities are, but she is also hoping that she’ll be able to survive the bloodbath.


Valerie looks scared at the sight of every career that looks dangerous.

















The tributes begin running for supplies.

Alex grabs what he needs and runs off without any interactions.

William and Krista are able to grab a bag as soon as possible and run off into the garden together undetected.

Mork notices Fwa looking for supplies, and decides to charge at her. Fwa is holding a knife, but takes a long time to react to Mork coming right for her. Mork grabs Fwa, disarms her, and snaps her neck.


Mork laughs as he kills Fwa, feeling more alive than ever.

However, he suddenly feels like the exact opposite when he feels his neck being sickled by Janelle.

Janelle noticed Mork killing a girl, and immediately took out a threat to the ladies. Mork falls to the ground dead.


Marie, Sarah, Angie and Gretchen all join Janelle, followed by Chloe and Valerie. Chloe and Valerie are nervous to be in front of the career girls, but they don’t seem to be showing any signs of violence toward them.

Janelle has successfully created an all girls alliance of 7.

Anon sees that the girls have actually managed to team up, so he decides to just grab what he needs and head into the garden before getting into any trouble. He bumps into Cam on his way, but doesn’t even try to attack him. Cam finds it odd... but eventually runs off as well.

Eventually, the girls alliance grabs what they need and leaves cornucopia right after Anon and Cam.

Meanwhile, Sam is looking for supplies. As he picks up a backpack, with Calvin and Flo right next to him. They have made a truce with each other. He sees something hit the ground in front of him.

It’s a grenade.

Sam tries to run, but it’s too late.


Sam’s body flies up in the air.

Calvin opens his eyes to see his cousin dead in front of him, having been caught in the explosion. Fortunately, he was able to survive.

Trying to contemplate the death of his cousin, Calvin grabs his supplies and runs.

Meanwhile, the person who threw the grenade is celebrating.

Clanos is extremely happy about his successful kill, and runs off into the garden to see who else he can blow up.

Meanwhile, Clark and Guillaume have found each other. Clark looks confident as Guillaume looks terrified. They both have knives.

Clark is about to attack, taking his time. However, Guillaume takes his knife and swings it out of fear.

Clark is shocked to feel a knife in his throat. Guillaume is shocked too.

Out of response, Clark sticks his knife in Guillaume’s throat as well.

The two both die looking at each other, feeling scared of what awaits for them after they die.


Meanwhile, The district 9 tributes, Jake and Valinda, have been helping each other look for supplies when Pedrito comes up to them offering to help.

Pedrito: We all could team up! What do you guys have!

Jake: I just have a bunch of food. No weapons. Valinda, what about you?

Valinda: I have knives... oh and a grenade! This could be useful... how does it work again?

Pedrito: Oh, you just take the pen out and it blows up a few seconds after.

Valinda: Oh, like this?

Valinda takes the pin out.

Jake: Oh-OH SHIT!

Jake realizes what’s about to happen. He tries to run, but it’s no use.

Valinda realizes the mistake that she just made.








-Feed Me Seymour-

The girls alliance is looking for male tributes to kill, but hasn’t had any luck all day.

Janelle: Just keep looking ladies, we’ll find the men eventually.

Gretchen: Do you think we could make it to the end like this?

Janelle: Of course we can! Women should have been doing this for years!

The girls continue to discuss the possibilities of the future when Angie notices something in the distance.

It seems to be... something moving.

Thinking it’s another tribute, she runs off to see if she can kill them, knowing that plenty of past winners in career packs usually did this to even their chances.

Angie looks around, not knowing where to look. All she sees are the flowers on the ground... and a bunch of vines leading to one big plant.

The girls alliance catches up to her, and sees that she is looking for something.

Valerie: What are you doing.

Angie: I think I saw someone come over here!

Chloe notices the vine Angie is about to step on. She sees the big plant it’s attached to and remembers it from one of her books.

Chloe: Angie, don’t move!

Angie: What did you say?

Angie’s foot touches the vine.

Suddenly, the vine begins to move on its own, and it wraps around Angie’s foot.

More vines arise from the ground and begin wrapping themselves around Angie’s entire body.

Angie tries to struggle free but she ends up falling on the ground looking like a waddled up baby. The other girls watch in horror as she is dragged toward the big plant.

The big plant suddenly opens itself up to reveal a giant tongue... and Angie is being pulled into its mouth.

The girls see other vines rising from the ground, and begin to run, leaving Angie behind.

Angie watches in horror as the plant closes with her inside of it. She screams out for help, but it’s no use. She is now inside of the plant, and begins to feel herself being drained.

She awaits in darkness for her inevitable death.


The girls alliance takes shelter in one of the greenhouses. It too is covered in vines, but there are no big plants around, so they all assume it’s safe.

Gretchen: What was that?!

Chloe: I read about those plants... a rare species known to hunt for prey like an animal would. As soon as they feel something touch their vines, the grab it and put it in their mouths to suck it’s blood.

The girls then try to recover from the horrifying event they just witnessed, Valerie looking like the most scared one of all.

That night, the fallen tributes are projected in the sky.

The Boy from District 1
The Girl from District 4
The Boy from District 5
The Boy from District 6
The Boy from District 7
The Girl from District 7
The Girl from District 8
The Boy from District 9
The Girl from District 9
The Girl from District 10
The Boy from District 12











End of Day 1!

I gotta be honest... there are parts of this story where I have no idea where I’m going. But I’ll figure it out!

Only 13 tributes are still alive... but tomorrow, that number will drop! Who will be fortunate enough to live?

And will this girls alliance make it all the way to the end?

We’ll find out in due time!

14. Angie (#Tester) D4F | Eaten by Man-Eating Plant
15. Jake (#charrison790564) D9M | Accidentally Blown Up by Valinda
16. Pedrito (#BadBunny) D6M | Accidentally Blown Up by Valinda
17. Valinda (#Blxckandgold) D9F | Accidentally Blew Herself Up
18. Guillaume (#Guigi) D7M | Knife to the Throat from Clark
19. Clark (#tbrown_47) D5M | Knife to the Throat from Guillaume
20. Flo (#Florina) D8F | Blown Up by Clanos
21. Sam (#manafa) D12M | Blown Up by Clanos
22. Mork (#Mrkk) D1M | Throat Sickled by Janelle
23. Fwa (#JonMcGillis) D7F | Neck Snapped by Mork
24. Blake (#Yandereboy12) D10F | Stepped Off Pedestal Too Early

District Placements:

11. District 9
12. District 7



I'm an UTR player so Blake
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I may be terrified but I'm STILL HERE
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Wtf florina flop
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