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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Hunger Games 109: Districts 4, 5 and 6

Apr 18, 2021 by NanoNerd
District 1 (2 Wins)

M-Mork ( Mrkk)
F-Marie ( MDoll)

District 2 (1 Win)

M-Clanos ( iiCreazyGX)
F-Sarah ( 7unarEclipse)

District 3

M-Cam ( DrPepsi)
F-Janelle ( oswordo3)

District 4 (1 Win)

M-Anon ( ColinCoco)
F-Angie ( Tester)

District 5

M-Clark ( tbrown_47)
F-Gretchen ( Crayadian)

District 6

M-Pedrito ( BadBunny)
F-Valerie ( amf7410)

District 7 (1 Win)

M-Guillaume ( Guigi)
F-Fwa ( JonMcGillis)

District 8 (1 Win)

M-Calvin ( SmoothStalker12)
F-Flo ( Florina)

District 9

M-Jake ( charrison790564)
F-Valinda ( Blxckandgold)

District 10 (2 Wins)

M-Alex ( alexclow345)
F-Blake ( Yandereboy12)

District 11

M-William ( Willie_)
F-Krista ( anthousai)

District 12

M-Sam ( manafa)
F-Chloe ( Thiii)

-District 4-

Anonymous “Anon” (Male Tribute)
Age: 16

Not a lot is known about this boy. When he volunteered, all he said about himself was his age. He refused to share his name, and he seemingly has no relatives to share with others. The capitol tried to do a background check on him, but they couldn’t find anything... just a picture of his face. He requested to go by the name “Anonymous”. “Anon” for short.

Anon has been living on his own for his entire life. He grew up around a forgotten homeless shelter, not knowing who his parents were but learning proper english. As he grew up, he stole money and slowly gave himself a better life. This year, he decided to volunteer for the hunger games, and he won the process. Will Anon stay anonymous, or will his identity... and death... be revealed?

Angie Banta (Female Tribute)
Age: 17

Angie is obsessed with the history of the Hunger Games. She spends every day learning about past games, and what the tributes before her did to survive and win. She thrives to be like them.

After 6 years, she was finally able to win the process. She knows that if she follows in the footsteps of the tributes who literally made history, she will easily win the games. Is she right, or will she succumb to the tributes of the future?

-District 5-

Clark Redfern (Male Tribute)
Age: 16

Clark is one of those people who thinks he’s better than everyone else. He has money, he has looks, and he’s popular. In all honesty... he’s a spoiled brat. He’s had everything handed to him his entire life, including the selection process.

Clark’s parents are insanely rich, so he offered to bribe all of the other tributes large amounts of money to throw it for him. Only a few refused, and Clark was able to pay the process makers to rig it just for him. As soon as the Capitol heard about this, they were all fired and replaced with makers from the other career districts. However... Clark was still the winner.

What Clark doesn’t know is... he used all of his parents money to bribe his way into the hunger games. His parents, who are used to being rich, are living in the streets because of him. The only chance they have at being rich again is if their son wins the Hunger Games... but his money can’t save him in there. Will he rise to the occasion?

Gretchen Serrell (Female Tribute)
Age: 15

Ever since District 5 became a career district, Gretchen has always been training to be in the Hunger Games. She wants to be the first career from District 5 to win... and every hunger games, she hopes that the District 5 tributes die so she can still have a chance at the glory.

This year, she was able to win the process, and she felt the happiest she ever felt in her life. Going into the games, she will do whatever it takes to be the last person standing... no matter what she has to do... or who she has to kill... to win.

-District 6-

Pedrito Cancelliere (Male Tribute)
Age: 14

Pedrito has always been the kid to help a random stranger on the street whenever he can, whether it be carrying a large furniture item, helping to call 911 or stopping a robbed. He even does the most cliche thing a helper can do... he helps old women cross the street.

When he was reaped, there was a number of cries heard from the audience. Pedrito knows that whatever he does in the arena, he hopes it will be meaningful. He think that if he doesn’t win, he wants to help someone who deserves to.

Valerie Goldhagen (Female Tribute)
Age: 15

Valerie has always struggled to get over some of her biggest fears. She’s scared of spiders, snakes... all of the cliche things that teenage girls in movies are scared of. Valerie is scared of them all.

When she was reaped, she thought of it as a death sentence. She didn’t really think she had a chance, and all she can think about is what her death will be like. She hopes and prays for something quick and painless...



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