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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Hunger Games 108: Day 3

Apr 3, 2021 by NanoNerd
District 1 (2 Wins)

M-Brock ( DBonee)

District 2

M-Asher ( BarbraStreisand)
F-Shimmer ( BibaBenja)

District 5

M-Gerult ( Crayadian)
F-Kirby ( oswordo3)

District 7 (1 Win)

M-Treka ( Kiara_xoxo)

District 8 (1 Win)

M-JV ( tbrown_47)
F-Chanel ( WannaBeeFriends)

District 10 (2 Wins)

F-Zeena ( ZEEnon)

District 12

M-Wyatt ( jtb354)

It’s time for the third day of the Hunger Games.

Only 10 tributes are left... but that number will drop, and soon, there will only be one.

Let’s see who’s dying today!

-A Toxic Relationship-

It is early in the morning. The careers have all decided to hunt for tributes... well, except for Gerult and Kirby, who have decided to stay at the career base.

Gerult: So... what are we gonna do when it’s just careers?

Kirby: Well... when that happens, we both team up and kick some ass.

Gerult: Yeah but... can we do it? Those other careers are pretty tough.

Kirby: So are we. They won’t be able to take on the two of us... even with an extra person.

Gerult: But what about after that? Would they let us both live?

Kirby is silent.

Kirby: Well, I... hey, what’s that?

Kirby then points to an item falling from the ceiling... neither of the District 5 tributes know where it’s coming from.

Gerult: It’s a sponsor! Grab it!

Kirby grabs the sponsor item and opens it to read the note.

The note says

“District 5 is rooting for you! We want you to have a happy ending... take home that win for us!


Kirby then opens it up to see... a liquid inside.

Kirby is holding a liquid bottle. There is a label on it that reads “Medicine”.

Kirby: I think whenever we’re injured, we can drink this!

Gerult: That’s... that’s awesome!

The two then settle down, both of which taking drinks from their water canteens.

Kirby: Things are looking so good right now, and nothing can sto— can sto—

Kirby stops speaking, finding herself struggling to make words. She then realizes she can’t breath.

Gerult: Kirby? KIRBY? Are you oka—

Gerult, who also drank the water, finds himself struggling too. He then feels his throat enlarging, and he begins struggling to breath.

Gerult and Kirby are now struggling for breath, resembling bull frogs with their swollen throats.

Kirby tries to drink her medicine to see if it will help reverse the effects, but she finds someone kicking it out of her hands.

She looks up to see Brock, holding a canteen of water marked with an X.

She and Gerult continue struggling for breath, until they eventually stop moving.


Brock then looks at his allies he just murdered, and begins rummaging through their stuff.

-The Hero Becomes the Victim-

JV is walking through the crystal filled room, still thinking about Barley’s death yesterday.

Despite the short time he was with him, he learned so much, and now feels like he can win this whole thing.

With that being said... he is still scared as hell.

He is hanging out by a waterfall with an aquamarine gem attached to it, when he sees not one... but TWO sponsor containers falling from the sky.

Shocked, he thinks to himself that maybe Panem loves him.

He picks them both up and reads the first note.

“You’re not so much of a victim now! So I thought you could use these without hurting yourself. Good luck, buddy!

-Your High School friend, Jack”

He then opens the gift to find a set of unique knives.

He then reads the next sponsor note.

“We’re all rooting for you back in your home district! Thought this would help you. Win this thing for us!

-Your friend, Nick”

He then opens it to find a first aid kit.

JV stares happily at his new tools... until he hears footsteps in the distance.

JV immediately hides. He tries to go underwater, trying to make out footsteps.

He is almost out of air, when he hears no footsteps in the distance.

Thinking he’s safe, he goes back to the surface for air.






He finds himself staring Asher in the eyes.

Asher raises his axe... and in response, JV falls backward.

However... this triggers something in Asher... he looks at JV’s scared face, and then looks scared himself.

Slowly, he lowers his axe.

JV then starts to feel more relieved, but at the same time confused. He knows he is in front of a career... but the career isn’t trying to kill him.

JV decides to speak up.

JV: Wh... why are—

Asher: Shhhh! Sh-shimmer will h-hear you.

JV: Shimmer? I-is that your district partner?

Asher: Y-yes... you h-have to get out of h-ere... I-I don’t want k-kill you... b-but she will.

JV: Wh-why?

Before Asher can answer, he and JV immediately hear footsteps in the distance. JV tries to hide again, but it’s too late.

Shimmer now sees Asher standing in front of a waterfall.

Shimmer: Asher, what are you doing? You’re supposed to be hunting for—

Shimmer then notices JV standing in the waterfall.

Shimmer: Wait, is that—

Something hits Shimmer’s head, and she immediately falls to the ground unconscious.

Asher and JV watch in disbelief... and they see Treka standing behind her with a big rock.

He then takes out his sickle and stabs Asher in his side.

Asher screams out in pain... but Treka is then taken by surprise when JV stabs him in the shoulder.

JV and Asher begin to run away while Treka recovers from his attack... at this point, he’s lost both of them.

Asher is struggling to run with the wound in his side... and JV is leaving him for dead.

But then, JV suddenly remembers Barley’s words.

“Well... it doesn’t feel fair to me if I just let someone who has no idea what they’re doing die. I want to help people who deserve to be helped. That’s how I was raised.”






Knowing that Asher spared his life... knowing that he deserves to be helped... JV has a change of heart.

JV thinks about what he’s about to do... and then decides he has to do it because it’s only right.

JV runs to Asher and helps him to his feet.

JV: Here, take these. You might need them.

JV hands Asher his first aid kit and his knife set, taking one knife from it.

JV: Don’t worry, I’ll buy you some time. Just get out of here, and don’t let him catch you.

Asher: B-but... I...

JV: You didn’t kill me! You saved my life... it’s only fair that I save yours.

Asher: No, I-I...

JV: Just go!

JV then runs toward Treka’s direction, and Asher runs away, trying not to think about it.

Many thoughts run through his complex brain as he struggles to comprehend all the feelings he is receiving... he feels like all of his training... all of his life’s work to get to the games... was just building up to wasting his life in this arena.

It didn’t feel great to be a feared killer at all... all he felt when he saw JV’s face was... guilt.

As he runs, he hears a cannon in the distance.


Asher manages to get to the wall houses. He climbs up to the nearest one, and then cuts the rope of the ladder so he can’t be followed.

He then used his new first aid kit to heal himself.







Treka is standing over JV’s dead body, having some stab wounds all over.

He knows that Asher is long gone by now... so he walks back to Shimmer, who is still unconscious.

Treka picks her up, and talks to himself.

Treka: They should be coming for you soon... when they do, you’ll all be together in the dark void of death.

Treka then stares at her, until he hears something in the distance.

He sees the ground in front of him turning... brown?

Then he realizes the floor isn’t changing color.

There are thousands of cockroaches on the ground.

If you want an idea of what they look like... think of radroaches from Fallout, only if they were the actual size of an insect.

Treka carries Shimmer’s body into the water of the nearest waterfall and watches as the cockroaches walk right by.

-The Trio Becomes a Duo Again-

Chanel, Wyatt and Zeena are all still in the Rainbow Crystal room. Zeena is out using the bathroom in a private area as Chanel and Wyatt are talking one on one again.

Wyatt: Are you sure we can trust Zeena? She showed up yesterday out of nowhere... we don’t know a lot about her.

Chanel: Yeah... trust me, she’s cool. It’s not like she’s a career...

The two laugh.

Wyatt then gets serious.

Wyatt: Hey... I just wanna say... thank you.

Chanel: Thank you? For what?

Wyatt: For... for helping me get through these games. I felt like I was gonna die... and I was okay with it. But now... getting to know you, and... everything we’ve talked about... I actually WANT to survive. So... thanks for helping me.

Chanel laughs.

Chanel: Wow... is this some weird way of flirting with me?

Wyatt: Uh... what? No! I—

Chanel: Hey! Whoa, calm down. I didn’t say I didn’t like it.

The two smile at each other.

But of course, in the hunger games, everything is short lived.

The two hear scattering from the distance.

As they look out of their hideout, they see cockroaches in the distance.

The two don’t know what to make of them... until Zeena suddenly walks out in front of them.

Zeena: Guys, do you hear that? It sounds like—

Zeena turns around to see them as they begin reaching her foot.

The cockroaches crawl up Zeena’s small body, and after a few seconds, Zeena begins crying in pain.

Zeena falls to the ground, trying to brush the cockroaches off of her, but there’s too many of them.

Startled, Chanel and Wyatt begin running, trying to ignore the cannon in the distance.


Chanel and Wyatt eventually make it to the wall house room. They stare at the houses built into the walls for quite some time since it’s their first time in here, but they then remember what’s after them and hurry to the nearest house.

However... they see that house doesn’t have a ladder. They then travel to the next nearest house and climb up.

As they get to the top, they see the cockroaches coming in.

The cockroaches are stuck on the ground... they are safe for the time being.

Then, the fallen tributes of the day are projected on the crystals in the arena.

The Boy from District 5
The Girl from District 5
The Boy from District 8
The Girl from District 10

Wyatt: What kind of a finale is this supposed to be?











End of Day 3!

The finale is upon us... only 6 tributes remain, and tomorrow, one of them will be crowned as the victor.

As usual, the finale will be in 2 parts.

How will these sponsor gifts be used now that their recipients are dead?

How will the tributes react when they eventually run into each other?

Are Wyatt and Chanel developing an interest in each other?

All of these question will be answered when the finale arrives!

7. Zeena ( ZEEnon) D10F | Mutts
8. JV ( tbrown_47) D8M | Slaughtered by Treka
9. Gerult ( Crayadian) D5M | Poisoned
10. Kirby ( oswordo3) D5F | Poisoned
11. Barley ( Matedog1209) D9M | Slaughtered by Treka
12. Merk ( Mrkk) D6M | Knife to the Skull from Zeena
13. Clove ( nateclove) D4F | Poisoned
14. Christina ( 7unarEclipse) D9F | Throat Sickled by Treka
15. JayJay ( teamclay) D4M | Poisoned
16. Tree ( Treeko) D10M | Poisoned
17. Tyreek ( benp428) D3M | Throat Slit by Gerult
18. Crystal ( shellbelle) D3F | Knife to the Skull from Kirby
19. Kiara ( keefe) D11F | Throat Slit by Merk
20. Meredith ( Black_Wave) D7F | Spear to the Head from Brock
21. Eden ( Heavenlee) D6F | Axe to the Skull from Shimmer
22. Lovelace ( burgta01) D1F | Knife to the Skull from Zeena
23. Herrera ( manafa) D11M | Neck Snapped by JayJay
24. Hilary ( tokio) D12F | Throat Sickled by Treka

District Placements:

6. District 10
7. District 5
8. District 9
9. District 6
10. District 4
11. District 3
12. District 11



Shimmer being carried to the top 6 is a mood
Sent by BibaBenja,Apr 3, 2021
Victim xx
Sent by tbrown_47,Apr 3, 2021
omg JV helping Asher IM CRYING
Sent by BarbraStreisand,Apr 3, 2021
Lovin the showmance
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Apr 3, 2021
I’m ruthless lol
Sent by DBonee,Apr 3, 2021
RIP me
Sent by ZEEnon,Apr 3, 2021

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