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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Hunger Games 102: Districts 1, 2 and 3

Feb 25, 2021 by NanoNerd
District 1

M-Timothy ( BBlover96)
F-Sparkle ( franzella)

District 2

M-Seth ( BarbraStreisand)
F-Dani ( CarolinaSteele)

District 3

M-Kaleb ( pudrulz)
F-Timberlie ( tbrown_47)

District 4 (1 Win)

M-Mark ( Mrkk)
F-Ellie ( Becksta20)

District 5

M-Dunkin ( Crayadian)
F-Xonox ( Yandereboy12)

District 6

M-Tycen ( Fritide)
F-Agatha ( LaylaLove)

District 7

M-Matt ( smuguy2012)
F-Jadine ( SAWCHUK55)

District 8

M-Dennis ( quackattack817)
F-Ji ( JonMcGillis)

District 9

M-Hayden ( hayden9102)
F-Rachelle ( humanwebjet1)

District 10

M-Mason ( iiCreazyGX)
F-Patricia ( ITZ3THAN)

District 11

M-Cesaro ( kingjames13)
F-Rue ( Chels052_)

District 12

M-Pita ( DBonee)
F-Catpiss ( Joshgillespie)

-District 1-

Timothy Tracy III (Male Tribute)
Age: 18

Timothy was never known as the brightest kid for his age. After being tested multiple times, he reportedly has an IQ of 72. Timothy failed in school as a result, and wasn’t able to get a complete education.

What Timothy lacks in his head, however, he makes up for with his brute strength. He has been training to compete in the Hunger Games his entire life, and this year, he finally won the selection process. He’s ready to kill it in the arena... literally.

Selena “Sparkle” Garman (Female Tribute)
Age: 16

Selena Garman isn’t like most other careers. The truth is... she didn’t really want to compete in the Hunger Games. She had the skills that all other career girls usually have, but Selena was always interested in other things, such as music, writing, and movies. As a result, her friends always made fun of her and gave her the nickname “Sparkle”.

Sparkle’s mom even started calling her by her nickname. She eventually forced her daughter to compete in the process, whether she wanted to or not. There were a couple years where Sparkle lost the process on purpose, but her mom was always able to tell, and as a result, she made her life a living hell. This year, Sparkle finally gave her all in the process and won. Now that she’s in the games, what will she do?

-District 2-

Seth Bluestein (Male Tribute)
Age: 17

Seth has always acted as a respectable man. He uses table manners, he says please and thank you, and he hold the door open for whoever is behind him. Some people found it hard to believe that he chose to take part in the process, let alone win it.

Despite being well raised, Seth is no different than any other District 2 kid. He has been training all his life for the games, and he will stop at nothing to win. The only difference is he won’t be brutal with his kills... he usually tends to make them clean and quick.

Dani Lindberg (Female Tribute)
Age: 16

Dani had a sad childhood. She had an abusive father, who would constantly beat her when she misbehaved in the slightest way.

This is what life was like for her until she was 13. One day, her dad went too far, and beat her mother to death unintentionally. He was sentenced to death, and Dani went to live with her grandparents.

Despite her past, Dani has still wanted to compete in the Hunger Games all her life. This year, she finally won the process, and in the ring, she’s going to let out 13 years of anger on her opponents.

-District 3-

Kaleb Krolewski (Male Tribute)
Age: 14

Most people in District 3 are good with gadgets... but Kaleb is AMAZING with them. He has always been the best in his class with machines, and he never failed to impress.

When he was reaped for the games, his teachers started to look disappointed. His parents were also crying. Kaleb, however, knows that he doesn’t need strength to win the Hunger Games. He knows that if he’s smart enough... he’ll be able to survive a while.

Timberlie Scharlemann (Female Tribute)
Age: 14

Timberlie grew up without knowing who her parents were. She was raised in an orphanage, and even in there she didn’t have a lot of friends.

Timberlie felt hopeless when she herd her name called during the reaping, but she knows that she’s been able to survive as a loner for this long. So the Hunger Games should be no problem... right?



Sent by BBlover96,Feb 25, 2021
Dying at Timothy XD
Sent by tbrown_47,Feb 25, 2021
Eeeek Dani girl, you poor thing
Sent by CarolinaSteele,Feb 25, 2021
omg I loooove Sparkle. queen just might win methinks
Sent by franzella,Feb 25, 2021
I think they all have a good story but d3 female
Sent by Yandereboy12,Feb 25, 2021
Wow so good everything love it
Sent by Fritide,Feb 26, 2021

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