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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Hunger Games 101: The Finale (Part 2)

Feb 25, 2021 by NanoNerd
District 2

M-Franzi ( CruelSummer)

District 4

M-Kwen ( Ratchett)

District 6

M-Cris ( iCristian)

We are down to 3 incredible tributes. One of them is about to be crowned the winner of the 101st Annual Hunger Games.

Let’s find out which one of them is going to win it all.

-The Finale-

Kwen and Cris have been temporarily stunned from the explosion. They both are on the ground, having a tough time getting up. They both are just a few feet away from Carol’s dead body.

Kwen: C-Carol?

Cris: Kwen, we need to go!

Cris points to the staircase. There is a bunch of rubble from the explosion, but in the distance, the sound of mutts getting closer can be heard.

The mutts have been able to get inside of the building now that the walls have been blown to kingdom come.

Cris: Come on! RUN!

Cris and Kwen then run down the stairs as fast as they both possibly can, trying to ignore Carol’s body being eaten by the mutts.

They both eventually make it out of the building, but there are a bunch more mutts waiting for them. They don’t even notice that the sun has come up.

There is a narrow path for Cris and Kwen to escape the mutts... which leads them into what looks like an abandoned warehouse.

The two of them notice an indoor balcony that they both can climb up to. They both are able to climb to it, and the mutts aren’t able to follow.

For the time being, Cris and Kwen are safe.

Cris: Wait... aren’t they supposed to be birds?

Kwen: Yeah... why?

Cris: If they’re birds... why aren’t they flying up here right now...?

???: Well, the answer’s very simple.

Cris and Kwen suddenly turn around to a mysterious voice.

???: If they all flew up here, the games wouldn’t have a winner. The capitol is making them stay on the ground.

Cris and Kwen recognize the figure as their final opponent. Franzi.

The final 3 tributes are now in one very small area, ready to fight to the death.

Kwen pulls out his machete. Cris pulls out a spear.

Franzi is holding a knife.

Kwen takes the first swing. Franzi easily dodges it, and then cuts Kwen across the chest.

Cris throws his spear at Franzi. The spear impales his shoulder, but Franzi is able to pull it out with no hesitation, and then swings it at Cris’s head. The blunt force trauma is enough to knock him out.

Kwen then tries to dodge Franzi’s attacks, but ends up getting cut even more. Eventually, Franzi gives Kwen an old fashioned punch to the face that knocks him to the ground.

Kwen is struggling to get up as Franzi stands over him.

Franzi: You wanna know something? You’re a disgrace. You’re supposed to be a career! Careers usually help each other! But look what you did... you went after other careers as soon as the games begun. I saw you slit the throat of that girl from District 1! You even... you even killed my sister.

Franzi sheds a tear as he talks about his recently deceased sister. Kwen is still struggling to get up.

Franzi: Do you really think your district would be proud of you? Teaming up with the reaped? Helping them stay alive, when the point of this game is to kill your opponents?!

Franzi is screaming this as if he’s angry.

Franzi: What I’m about to do... is something I think everyone watching will enjoy. This for my district... for Citrine... and for all of Panem.

Franzi then gets on his knees and raises his knife.

Franzi: Say hi to your brother for me.

Franzi then plunges his knife downward.




Kwen awaits his painful death. However, he instead hears a painful scream from his attacker.

He looks up to see Franzi has dropped his knife, and that there is a spear in his hand.


Cris has woken up, and has thrown a spear at Franzi, once again saving Kwen’s life.

Cris then starts to sprint forward. He has no weapons, and he is simply sprinting right toward Franzi.

He charges right into him, and the two of them fall off of the balcony.







Kwen noticed that only one cannon went off. He knows that this means one of the two gentlemen that just fell is currently still alive.

Kwen is finally able to get up and looks over the railing, trying to figure out who survived.

He sees that Cris is apparently not moving, and laying on top of Franzi, who is also not moving.

All of the mutts have disappeared as well. It’s as if they all left when Cris and Franzi fell...

Kwen then travels down to ground floor. He takes a closer look at the result of the tumble.

He sees that Franzi’s eyes are wide open and lifeless. He also notices a pool of blood around his bashed skull.

He then notices that Cris is making facial expressions. He’s still alive.

Kwen: Cris... are you okay?

Cris: I... I’m fine. I’m fine...

Kwen then flips Cris over. As he does this, he cries out in pain.

As soon as Cris is flipped over, Kwen notices a spear coming out of his stomach. He also notices he has an incredibly deep wound where the spear was.

Cris was impaled by his own spear due to the impact of the fall.

Cris: I-I’m... dying...

Kwen: No! You’re gonna be okay!

Kwen eyes are now watering.

Cris: K-Kwen... you... you won. Congra-atulations, You’re going h-home...!

Kwen: No, don’t say that! You’re not dead!

Kwen has now officially started crying.

Cris: K-Kwen... you asked wh-why I spared your life? During the... the bloodbath?

Kwen’s tears are running down his face like a stream.

Cris: I... I saw something... different in you. I could t-tell you weren’t like the... other c-careers. You actually h-had a sense of p-passion.

Kwen: Don’t you die on me! You should be the one to live, not me!

Cris: If I had to lose to a-anyone... I’m g-glad it was you.

Kwen is holding Cris in his arms, trying to savor his last moments with him.

Cris: Y-you’re the best victor... D-district 4 has ever h-had...

Kwen: No! I shouldn’t be the Victor!

All Cris can do is smile. But then his smile starts to fade.

Kwen: No... no...

Cris’s facial expression goes completely blank, the lights in his eyes leaving him. His grip loosens, and his arms go limp.













Hearing Cris’s cannon causes Kwen to go into a complete mental breakdown. He is bawling, and he hasn’t stopped holding Cris in his arms.

Suddenly, an announcement is given out to the viewers.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen... may I present the winner of the 101st Annual Hunger Games! Kwen Vorhaus from District 4!




Hearing himself being announced as the winner only made Kwen’s mental breakdown even worse. He refused to move from his spot, and the peacekeepers had to physically remove him from the arena. As soon as they took hold of him, he began kicking and screaming, trying to get back to Cris’s body as they took it away.











-Post Games-

Kwen Vorhaus’s life was changed forever after winning the Hunger Games. He would never forget the experience for his entire life. He mourned the death of his best friend for months, but after many sessions of therapy, he was finally able to come to terms with the fact that Cris’s death was not his fault, and that he deserved to live as much as anyone in that arena did.

During his victory speech, he described Cris as a great man, and a trusty partner. Despite having only known each other for a few weeks, Kwen said that he felt like he had known Cris for years. There were plenty of moments where Kwen would’ve been dead without Cris, and he was the reason he was standing there as the Victor today. He stated that he would always be missed, and that he would never be forgotten.

He also paid tribute to the other tributes (no pun intended).

After the games, Kwen lived a nice quiet life in the District 4 Victor’s Village. He even got married to a lovely boy after realizing that all these feelings he felt about Cris were love, and the couple had 2 daughters together through selective services and lived a nice life together. And don’t worry, neither of Kwen’s daughters were selected to compete in any future installment of the Hunger Games :)




1. Kwen ( Ratchett) D4M | Victor
2. Cris ( iCristian) D6M | Impaled by a Spear
3. Franzi ( CruelSummer) D2M | Head Bashed from Fall
4. Beck ( Becksta20) D10F | Blown Up by Wanda
5. Wanda ( LaylaLove) D3F | Sacrificed Herself
6. Carol ( CarolinaSteele) D9F | Neck Snapped by Franzi
7. Citrine ( franzella) D2F | Machete to the Skull by Kwen
8. Ivory ( Hong) D8M | Mutts
9. TB ( tbrown_47) D7M | Throat Slit by Citrine
10. Jessie ( Jessie_) D12M | Throat Slit by Franzi
11. Sony ( kingjames13) D3M | Arrow in the Skull by Beck
12. Rocky ( humanwebjet1) D4F | Arrowed in the Skull by Beck
13. Hannah ( Yandereboy12) D7F | Acid Rain
14. Chris ( christossss) D11M | Acid Rain
15. Sal ( bigdizzleyomama) D10M | Acid Rain
16. Char ( Treeko) D5M | Head Bashed by Jessie
17. Tokyo ( SeaViper) D6F | Strangled by Beck
18. Alycia ( varlto) D5F | Stabbed in the Skull by Carol
19. Sebastian ( LaCroix) D1M | Speared through the Eye by Cris
20. Nick ( hayden9102) D9M | Stabbed in the Skull by Citrine
21. Joshina ( Joshgillespie) D12F | Stabbed in the Throat by Ivory
22. Ebony ( EbonyGothChild666) D8F | Head Bashed by Rocky
23. Ellie ( Vessas) D11F | Neck Snapped by Rocky
24. Brenda ( FromAWindow) D1F | Throat Slit by Kwen

District Placements:

1. District 4
2. District 6
3. District 2
4. District 10
5. District 3
6. District 9
7. District 8
8. District 7
9. District 12
10. District 11
11. District 5
13. District 1






Well... that was my first Hunger Games Story!

I really hoped you liked it! If there’s anything that you think could be improved about this in Season 2 (Which I definitely wanna do!!!), please let me know!

Also, please tell me your thoughts about this whole season! Who were your favorite tributes? What did you think about the winner?

I’m gonna post a PYN for season 2 soon, so keep a look out!



This was so fun to read! Definitely sign me up again!
Sent by Becksta20,Feb 25, 2021
Omg i loved so much
congrats kwen you definetily deserved to win!
this was so much fun
Cris was also inlove with kwen it was so obvious
Sent by iCristian,Feb 25, 2021
Franzi was robbed! Great season tho, tag me when you do your next one I’d love to sign up :)
Sent by CruelSummer,Feb 25, 2021
CruelSummer it’s already been out for hours!
Sent by NanoNerd,Feb 25, 2021
Sent by Ratchett,Feb 25, 2021

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