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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Hunger Games 101: The Finale (Part 1)

Feb 25, 2021 by NanoNerd
District 2

M-Franzi ( CruelSummer)
F-Citrine ( franzella)

District 3

F-Wanda ( LaylaLove)

District 4

M-Kwen ( Ratchett)

District 6

M-Cris ( iCristian)

District 9

F-Carol ( CarolinaSteele)

District 10

F-Beck ( Becksta20)

Welcome to the fourth day of the games... as well as the finale! Surprise!

7 tributes remain, however... six of them will be dead by the time the blog is over.

So... let’s see who the Victor is going to be!


The Misfits alliance is hanging out in a building to escape the bird mutts. They are unaware that Franzi and Citrine are hiding out on a higher floor.

The group has been waiting hours for the mutts to go away... and they’re still there. They have been waiting since Midnight.

Cris: Hey... I gotta use the bathroom.

Carol: There’s probably plenty in this building... just go find one.

Cris: Sure... maybe I’ll go upstairs, why not?

Cris then goes upstairs to use the bathroom.

He is washing his hands when he notices something in the mirror.

There seems to be a figure behind the shower curtain.

Suddenly, the shower curtain rushes to the side to reveal Citrine holding a knife.

She plunges the knife toward Cris, aiming at his neck.

However, Cris has noticed Citrine before she attacked, and is therefore prepared.

Cris grabs Citrine’s arm and prevents his own death. The two go into what seems to be a strength war that leads them out of the bathroom and into the hallway, until Cris is able to make Citrine drop her knife.

However, Citrine returns the favor with a strong headbutt. She is able to knock Cris to the ground for a few seconds.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Misfits alliance is hanging out downstairs, unaware of what is happening.

Kwen can hear some slight noises coming upstairs.

Kwen: Do you guys hear that?

Wanda: Hear what?

Back upstairs, Citrine has retrieved her knife while Cris is still stunned on the floor.

Franzi suddenly appears seemingly out of nowhere.

Franzi: Please, allow me.

Citrine: Of course, brother.

Citrine hands her knife to Franzi. Franzi then gets on top of Cris, ready to finish the job.

Franzi raises his knife, and...


A cannon goes off before Franzi can make the kill.

Franzi then looks around, confused.

And then, he notices his sister has a machete lodged in her head.

Kwen has come upstairs, suspicious of the noise. He snuck behind Citrine and killed her to keep her brother occupied long enough for Cris to escape.

Franzi is looking at his sister in shock as she falls to the floor dead. He then notices through a window that her picture is being projected in the sky.

The Girl from District 2

At this point, Franzi is no longer focused on Cris, allowing him to crawl away from him.

Franzi looks at the body of his now dead sister, looking like he’s about to burst into tears.

Suddenly, his sadness turns into anger. His expression goes from sorrowful to raging red.

He now seems to be focused on Kwen. The other misfits have now come upstairs, looking at the messy situation that has just occurred.

Kwen is clutching his sister’s knife. He seems as if he’s about to explode out of anger and tears.


Franzi then throws the knife at Kwen’s skull.

Cris, however, sees what is about to happen, and shoves Kwen out of the way before he is killed.

The knife, instead of hitting Kwen, hits a window. The force of impact causes the pane to break entirely.

Suddenly, the bird mutts are flying through this window, trying to kill any tributes they can.

Kwen: RUN!

The swarm of mutts separates Franzi from the rest of the misfits. Franzi seemingly runs off to a different exit in the building while the rest of the tributes run out of the front door.

All of the bird mutts came through the window as soon as it was destroyed, meaning there are almost none outside. This will help the group to get to a new safe destination.

However... as Wanda is running, an arrow suddenly flies right by her face.

Beck is shooting at them again, this time from a window in her building.


The group is able to sprint to Beck’s hideout building without getting killed by her arrows and the mutts.

The mutts are noticing Beck’s open window, causing her to go back inside and close the window before they can get in.

The group is taking a moment to catch a breath.

Carol: This is where that rooftop killer is?

Cris: I think so. I think it’s that girl from District 10. We should take advantage of this opportunity.

Wanda: What about Franzi?

Cris: Franzi isn’t here now. We don’t have to worry about him for the time being. And even if we did go for him now, that girl still has the ability to kill all of us.

Kwen: He’s right, we need to take advantage of this opportunity while there’s still 4 of us, and 1 of her.

Wanda: And what about afterward?

Kwen: Then we go for Franzi and we hope we can kill him. I was able to kill his sister, so we could kill him too.

Wanda: Wow... you killed another career. You aren’t like them, are you?

Wanda then laughs for a second.

Wanda: Okay, let’s go ahead and take out this killer.

The group then moves upward. Staircase after staircase after staircase.

Carol: How far up is she?

Cris: I don’t know... but we saw her on the rooftops. We need to get to one of the higher floors.

The group continues walking until they get to the roof. They then search the highest floor for Beck.

They continue to search the top floors. At one point, Kwen and Cris are searching a bathroom while Carol and Wanda are searching in the hallway.

Wanda: Come on out you bitch! I’m not scared of you!

Carol: Stop! Don’t yell!

All of a sudden, someone emerges from the shadows. Wanda and Carol are unaware until the figure stabs Wanda in the thigh with an arrow.

Carol turns around as Wanda screams in pain.


Beck then lets go of Wanda, who has passed out from her injury, and kicks Carol down the set of stairs.

Kwen: Oh shit!

Cris takes a swing with his spear at Beck, but Beck dodges it and kicks Cris in the groin.

Kwen tries to land a hit with his machete, but Beck also dodges this and punches Kwen in the shoulder she shot him at. This causes Kwen to drop to the floor in pain.

Meanwhile... Carol is down 1 floor below the rest of the group, who are still fighting Beck.

She stands up and tries to go back upstairs to join the fight, but another mysterious figure emerges from the shadows and grabs Carol, holding her mouth shut and using brute strength to keep her from escaping.

Carol recognizes this person as Franzi, who was able to make it to the building with the mutts being distracted on the higher floors, and climbed to the top of the building.

He holds Carol’s mouth as she tries to yell for help, now holding her head in place as well.

Franzi: Shhhhhhh...

Franzi gently shushes Carol like a parent would shush their baby to sleep, and then snaps her neck.


Franzi then goes back into the shadows, hoping he wasn’t noticed.

Meanwhile, Kwen and Cris are still fighting upstairs, unaware that their ally has just been killed, and unaware that the cannon just went off.

The two continue to fight Beck, but Beck is clearly winning. She looks like she doesn’t even have a scratch, while Kwen and Cris look exhausted and beat up.

Eventually, they’re both on the ground, seemingly unable to get up, while Beck takes the time to retrieve her Bow and Arrow.

She takes out an arrow and aims it at Cris’s eye, ready to let it go.


Beck is suddenly stabbed in her side with one of her own arrows. Wanda has regained consciousness and has taken the arrow out of her thigh to use against Beck.

She then stabs Beck in the stomach a couple of times. Beck tries to punch Wanda to get her to stop, but it’s not working.

Wanda is holding Beck in place as she pulls out the grenade from earlier in the games. She hasn’t used it... until now.

Cris and Kwen look up to see Wanda holding both Beck and the grenade.

Wanda: Go! I’ll make sure she doesn’t escape.

Cris: Wanda we can’t...

Wanda: Just GO! It’s okay.

Cris and Kwen shed a tear, almost at the same time, before rushing downstairs.

Beck is struggling to break free when Wanda pulls the pin out of the grenade.

Wanda: This is for you, Sony...





The second part of the finale will be posted later today!

4. Beck (#Becksta20) D10F | Blown Up by Wanda
5. Wanda (#LaylaLove) D3F | Sacrificed Herself
6. Carol (#CarolinaSteele) D9F | Neck Snapped by Franzi
7. Citrine (#franzella) D2F | Machete to the Skull by Kwen
8. Ivory ( Hong) D8M | Mutts
9. TB ( tbrown_47) D7M | Throat Slit by Citrine
10. Jessie ( Jessie_) D12M | Throat Slit by Franzi
11. Sony ( kingjames13) D3M | Arrow in the Skull by Beck
12. Rocky ( humanwebjet1) D4F | Arrowed in the Skull by Beck
13. Hannah ( Yandereboy12) D7F | Acid Rain
14. Chris ( christossss) D11M | Acid Rain
15. Sal ( bigdizzleyomama) D10M | Acid Rain
16. Char ( Treeko) D5M | Head Bashed by Jessie
17. Tokyo ( SeaViper) D6F | Strangled by Beck
18. Alycia ( varlto) D5F | Stabbed in the Skull by Carol
19. Sebastian ( LaCroix) D1M | Speared through the Eye by Cris
20. Nick ( hayden9102) D9M | Stabbed in the Skull by Citrine
21. Joshina ( Joshgillespie) D12F | Stabbed in the Throat by Ivory
22. Ebony ( EbonyGothChild666) D8F | Head Bashed by Rocky
23.  Ellie ( Vessas) D11F | Neck Snapped by Rocky
24. Brenda ( FromAWindow) D1F | Throat Slit by Kwen

District Placements:

4. District 10
5. District 3
6. District 9
7. District 8
8. District 7
9. District 12
10. District 11
11. District 5
12. District 1



Wanda a true hero 😭
Sent by Yandereboy12,Feb 25, 2021
Oh 6th isn’t too bad. You carried us Carol!
Sent by hayden9102,Feb 25, 2021
Franzi raises his knife, and...


A cannon goes off before Franzi can make the kill.

Franzi then looks around, confused.

And then, he notices his sister has a machete lodged in her head.

The way I literally screamed LOL
Sent by franzella,Feb 25, 2021
Citrine was robbed. FUCK YOU KWEN Ratchett
Sent by franzella,Feb 25, 2021
Oof kicked down the stairs by Becksta20 then killed by franzella , what an iconic way to go by my own friends hands 😂
Sent by CarolinaSteele,Feb 25, 2021
carolinasteele and all to be blown up be laylalove anyway! I hope you forgive me ❤️
Sent by Becksta20,Feb 25, 2021
Sent by Ratchett,Feb 25, 2021
i knew cris and kwen will go all the way omggg
top 3 yesssssss they need to be the katniss and peeta of this historyyy
looking forward to the finaleee loving the story
Sent by iCristian,Feb 25, 2021
Becksta20 I forgive you! We can be friends in the afterlife 😂❤️
Sent by CarolinaSteele,Feb 25, 2021
OMG pleaseee franzi needs to win!
Sent by CruelSummer,Feb 25, 2021
Wanda: This is for you, Sony...
laylalove queen shit
Sent by kingjames13,Feb 25, 2021

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