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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Hunger Games 101: Districts 10, 11 and 12

Feb 22, 2021 by NanoNerd
District 1

M-Sebastian ( LaCroix)
F-Brenda ( FromAWindow)

District 2

M-Franzi ( CruelSummer)
F-Citrine ( franzella)

District 3

M-Sony ( kingjames13)
F-Wanda ( LaylaLove)

District 4

M-Kwen ( Ratchett)
F-Rocky ( humanwebjet1)

District 5

M-Char ( Treeko)
F-Alycia ( varlto)

District 6

M-Cris ( iCristian)
F-Tokyo ( SeaViper)

District 7

M-TB ( tbrown_47)
F-Hannah ( Yandereboy12)

District 8

M-Ivory ( Hong)
F-Ebony ( EbonyGothChild666)

District 9

M-Nick ( hayden9102)
F-Carol ( CarolinaSteele)

District 10

M-Sal ( bigdizzleyomama)
F-Beck ( Becksta20)

District 11

M-Chris ( christossss)
F-Ellie ( Vessas)

District 12

M-Jessie ( Jessie_)
F-Joshina ( Joshgillespie)

-District 10-

Sal Geissler (Male Tribute)
Age: 18

Sal was born without a tongue. He has never been able to talk throughout his entire life, and he communicates through sign language and written text.

He knew he would be at a disadvantage when he was reaped, but he also knew that he would also have an advantage when it comes to stealth. He doesn’t talk, therefore he doesn’t make a lot of noise. His opponents will never see him coming...

Beck Bikoff (Female Tribute)
Age: 17

Beck has always been a troublemaker. She stole from local stores, skipped school, and she was even absent during the reaping. Skipping the reaping could land you in jail for a while, and Beck would’ve went there if her name wasn’t picked.

Beck is a very clever person. She may be mischievous, but she’s smart. She knows she can use this in the arena, but will it be enough to win?

-District 11-

Chris Pyle (Male Tribute)
Age: 18

Chris is a very well educated man. He has been pursuing a career in psychology for most of his life, and he was really hoping that his name wouldn’t be picked so he would never have to deal with the stress of the Hunger Games ever again. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned.

Chris has a nice life, and he doesn’t want to lose it all by dying. He is determined to win the games so he can get back to his perfect life, and he won’t let anything get in his way.

Ellie Picozzi (Female Tribute)
Age: 13

Ellie grew up in one of the poorest parts of the neighborhood. Her family is constantly running out of food, and as a result everyone usually gives Ellie a part of their portions to keep her from starving.

Ellie was terrified when she was reaped, as all 13 year olds usually are, but she knew that finding food would be an advantage for her. She is used to being deprived of food, so the hunger games won’t be much of a challenge for her. That is, as long as she can avoid getting killed...

-District 12-

Jessie Camus (Male Tribute)
Age: 15

Jessie’s family, like most District 12 families, are poor. In order to make enough money for his family to get by, he has been working where most District 12 citizens work... the mines! Doing manual labor has toughened him up, which should give him an advantage in the arena.

After he was reaped, Jessie thought about how he would be able to survive. Working in the mines has given him an advantage with heavy combat weapons, such as axes and pickaxes. He is hoping that he will be able to survive...

Joshina Cratsley (Female Tribute)
Age: 14

Joshina’s name is a funny story. Her parents were told she was gonna be a boy, and they both decided on the name Josh. But District 12 ultrasounds are kinda low budget, and it created images that aren’t even there. And then, Josh came out as a girl. Her parents didn’t have a girl name picked out, so they decided to go with Joshina at the last minute.

Joshina has been made fun of for her name her entire life... and she blames her parents for everything. She has never had the best relationship with them, and as a result, they have begun to despise her as much as she despises them.

When Joshina was reaped, her parents didn’t really seem like they cared. Her peers even laughed at her and made fun of her as they announced her name. But she’s determined to show them all that she’s a force to be reckoned with.



Poor Joshina joshgillespie and im loving the stories can't wait for the chariots and interviews if you do them :)
Sent by Yandereboy12,Feb 22, 2021
Yandereboy12 I really wasn’t planning to do interviews or anything... I was just planning to do a brief summary of their training and then start the games. I’m kinda excited for you all to watch this play out.
Sent by NanoNerd,Feb 22, 2021
That's fine I can't wait :) NanoNerd
Sent by Yandereboy12,Feb 22, 2021
Ooh I’ve been waiting for this! Yay! And my character... how did you get so close to the real me?!? (Except for the jail bit 😂😂)
Sent by Becksta20,Feb 22, 2021
Becksta20 idk, I just let my imagination create some kind of backstory for players at random.

Wait a second...

Do you actually cause trouble IRL? You seem so nice!
Sent by NanoNerd,Feb 22, 2021
Sent by Vessas,Feb 22, 2021

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