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Nano’s Big Brother 7: Week 10 HOH Competition

Feb 21, 2021 by NanoNerd
-The Houseguests-

-Franz( franzella)
-Hong( Hong)
-Josh( joshgillespie)
-Layla( LaylaLove)
-Chandler( Chandelier)
-Tim( tbrown_47)

-The Jury-

-Yawn( Yawnha)
-Mark( Mrkk)
-Jack( J4ckWilko)
-Nate( nateclove)
-Rocky( humanwebjet1)

-HOH Competition-

Layla, as the outgoing Head of Household, you are not eligible to compete.

This competition is called “Person of Interest”.

I used this same competition in Season 6, and I decided to bring it back because it was such a blast to do!

Houseguests... I’m thinking of a random person.

This person could be anyone. A celebrity, a historical figure... even a fictional character, both live action and animated!

In this competition, you will have to determine who this mystery person is.

How do you do that...? You simply just ask me Yes or No questions about them!

These questions can be about anything... as long as the answer to them can be “Yes” or “No”.

You are free to ask as many questions as you need to, but keep in mind that the winner of this competition will be the player who figures out the mystery person  while asking the LEAST amount of questions.

When you think you know who the mystery person is, ask me “Is the Mystery Person (Your Guess)”. This WILL count as one of you questions, but if you’re correct, you will finish the competition and your score will be locked in!

However... there’s one more twist.

You can ask as many questions as you want to find out information, but you only get 3 official guesses. If you are wrong on all 3 of your guesses, you will be eliminated from the competition.

So you should only guess if you’re absolutely sure!

Good luck!


Well... Chandler and Hong are disqualified because they both waited hours before asking their first question.

Josh asked me a couple questions... but I had to disqualify him too because he asked more than some of the final scores.

Tim and Franz were the only players who figured it out. They both had to use 2 guesses.

And btw, the mystery person was Chloe Fineman, a current cast member on SNL!

Anyway... here’s the final scores from both Franz and Tim.






Tim-20 Questions
Franz-23 Questions

Tim solved it in the least amount of questions!

Congratulations Tim, you are the new Head of Household!

You are also the first houseguest to win HOH twice this season!

Tim’s nominations will be revealed in due time.

Until then, have a nice day :D



Sent by Vessas,Feb 22, 2021

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