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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Hunger Games 101: Districts 1, 2 and 3

Feb 21, 2021 by NanoNerd
District 1

M-Sebastian ( LaCroix)
F-Brenda ( FromAWindow)

District 2

M-Franzi ( CruelSummer)
F-Citrine ( franzella)

District 3

M-Sony ( kingjames13)
F-Wanda ( LaylaLove)

District 4

M-Kwen ( Ratchett)
F-Rocky ( humanwebjet1)

District 5

M-Char ( Treeko)
F-Alycia ( varlto)

District 6

M-Cris ( iCristian)
F-Tokyo ( SeaViper)

District 7

M-TB ( tbrown_47)
F-Hannah ( Yandereboy12)

District 8

M-Ivory ( Hong)
F-Ebony ( EbonyGothChild666)

District 9

M-Nick ( hayden9102)
F-Carol ( CarolinaSteele)

District 10

M-Sal ( bigdizzleyomama)
F-Beck ( Becksta20)

District 11

M-Chris ( christossss)
F-Ellie ( Vessas)

District 12

M-Jessie ( Jessie_)
F-Joshina ( Joshgillespie)

Okay, fair warning... I don’t know as much about the Hunger Games as SeaViper may know. I’ve seen the movies, but I haven’t read the books. But given the Wikipedia pages I read, I hope I can make this enjoyable!

I generated some fake last names for each of the Tributes. I thought it would be a nice touch!

Geez, I hope I’m doing everything right!

-District 1-

Sebastian Jellis (Male Tribute)
Age: 17

Sebastian is a typical District 1 boy. Like all other boys his age, he’s been training for the games for most of his life. He’s dreamed of being in the games and making his district proud. However, he’s also been known as a very respectable and well-mannered person for most of his life.

He’s volunteered for every Hunger Games he’s been eligible for, but never made it far in the process. However, things changed for him this year after his mother tragically passed away. Something lit up in him, and he kept kicking ass in the volunteering process until he was declared the official male tribute of District 1. His only goal going into the games is to make his mother proud.

Brenda Kerridge (Female Tribute)
Age: 16

Brenda has been known to be one of the strongest girls of her age. Like most District 1 kids, she’s been training for the games all her life. She’s always seemed to be a front runner to become the official tribute, and this year, she finally won the process.

Brenda has been living in luxury ever since she was born. She doesn’t really handle failure well because she’s used to things going her way. She’s going to give it her all in the games, and she’s not going to let anything stop her.

-District 2-

Franzi Vautin (Male Tribute)
Age: 15

Citrine Vautin (Female Tribute)
Age: 14

Franzi and Citrine are brother and sister. They have a bond like no other. They’ve been training for the games their entire lives, just like all District 2 Tributes. Most of the time, Franzi and Citrine would help each other train.

They both volunteered to be in this year’s games, but to their surprise, they both ended up winning their respected processes and became the tributes. They both were excited that they would get to compete together, but they were also worried about losing one another at some point in the games. As I said... they have a bond like no other.

-District 3-

Sony Wengret (Male Tribute)
Age: 13

Sony is a typical nerd. He’s very intelligent, and he often gets picked on. He’s not very strong, and he isn’t very handy with weapons.

When Sony was reaped for the games, he was mocked by his peers, all of them saying he wasn’t gonna get very far. Sony, however, is inspired to prove them all wrong. He wants to show them he has the skills and wits necessary to survive.

Wanda Sharrer (Female Tribute)
Age: 16

Wanda is the oldest of 4 daughters. She has looked after her 3 sisters for her entire life, teaching them all the necessary skills that they need for both life and the games if they happen to be selected. However, she has made it very clear that she didn’t want them to volunteer.

Wanda signed up for a bunch of tessarae’s plenty of times this year, resulting in her name being put in to the reaping a total of 68 times. She did this for 2 reasons... to insure that her family would have plenty of food, and to lessen the odds of her sisters being picked for the game (her 2 older sisters are eligible, and her youngest isn’t old enough yet). Wanda’s name was picked, despite the small odds.



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Hopefully those last 3 spots gets filled
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Franzi and citrine will be f2
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Yay! I’m excited to see this
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citrine looks stunning!
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