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What the hell?

3rdMar 13, 2020 by NanoNerd
tswiftlover13 filtered me again!

She backstabbed me in survivor, leading to a flame war!

She said she did it cause I didn’t compete in 2 challenges. I told her I didn’t have time to compete. She then said this:

well see... that's not my fault seems that is yours. YOU did not have time YOU did not check messages so....

I told her she was shaming me because I do things outside of Tengaged, and what does she do?

She filters me again! For no fucking reason!

Just when we had become friends again too!

I mean, I know I was being a little dickish, but in all fairness, so were you. And then you straight up filter me again out of nowhere.

Given time, I could’ve gotten over it and we could’ve still been friends. But no, you call for extreme measures over the smallest of arguments.

Edit: I saw her blog. I sent her like 3 or four emails after I got voted off, but after she replied I only sent her an email after she sent me one. So the “won’t stop sending me emails” Part is bullshit.

tswiftlover13 5 min ago
Nano is loosing his shit... XD

Yeah and whose fault do you think that is?



Sent by Vessas,Mar 13, 2020
tswift is just a Damo sheep
Sent by Brad13535,Mar 13, 2020
Tswift is a follower. Don't mind him , he's ugly too. I've seen real pictures of him. Yikes
Sent by Malaya_,Mar 13, 2020

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