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Animal Crossing Big Brother 25: Meet the Cast!

Jan 16, 2023 by NanoNerd

Row 1: Francine, Julian, Raymond, Deirdre
Row 2: Chow, Chrissy, Merengue, Butch
Row 3: Judy, Cousteau, Octavian, Gayle
Row 4: Lucky, Cherry, Alli, Apollo

The cast of this season has been chosen… and we have a lot of old school players returning.

This technically isn’t an All Stars season though, because we do have one brand new houseguest… Butch. Butch is the only houseguest this season that has not appeared in a previous season. How will he fair against all the returning players? Only time will tell…

And we do have a lot of returning players from the same seasons, so that means there will be a few pre-season relationships. Here they all are:

Julian, Raymond and Lucky all competed on the very first season of this game. Raymond and Lucky never interacted much, so I don’t think they would have a like or dislike toward each other. On the other hand, Julian literally described his situation with Lucky as “basically enemies”, so they will strongly hate each other. Raymond will also slightly dislike Julian because Julian voted to evict him on the week he was evicted AND it turns out Julian was the most disliked person in the entire house during season 1.

Chrissy and Cousteau are both from Season 3, however they will not have a pre-existing relationship because when Chrissy was evicted in Week 2, she left the house uneventfully. I imagine that she does not have a grudge against Cousteau even though he evicted her.

Cherry and Judy, both from Season 5, will mildly dislike one another due to the fact that leading up to Cherry’s eviction in Week 4, she irrationally lashed out at Judy and they both had a heated argument.

Francine, Octavian and Merengue are all from Season 6. Francine won the Veto the week Merengue was evicted, and Merengue was very upset that she wasn’t saved, so I imagine the two of them will slightly dislike each other. I imagine Octavian and Merengue will also slightly dislike each other since Octavian evicted her for seeing her as a threat. Finally, Octavian and Francine will also slightly dislike each other because Francine evicted Octavian and he left the house with an explosive speech.

Gayle, Judy and Julian all competed in Season 7, the first All Stars season. There was a moment where Judy and Julian bonded slightly right before Julian’s eviction, so I imagine that even though Judy still evicted him they have a slight bond since he still left the house in good spirits. I don’t really imagine a pre-existing relationship among anyone else, however, because even though Gayle nominated Judy the week of her eviction, Judy was unphased and wished everyone good luck before leaving. There wasn’t a lot of interaction among these players other than that.

Chow and Apollo are from Season 9. Apollo was evicted week 1, and Chow happened to be the HOH that backdoored him. I imagine Apollo has a slight dislike toward Chow. The reason it’s only a slight dislike is because Apollo didn’t seem angry that he was backdoored, but rather annoyed. He left the house without saying a word, so he compressed his feelings a bit.

And finally… we have Francine and Chrissy. These two technically haven’t competed on the same season before, but according to the official Animal Crossing lore, they are canonically sisters. Therefore, I think it’s fitting to give them an unbreakable relationship right off the bat. As sisters, I can’t imagine that they would betray each other in the game unless some really bad event happens between them in the house.

That’s basically everything! With all these pre-existing relationships in the house, there’s no telling how this season will turn out. What do you think will happen? Please let me know in the comments!

The first episode is coming tonight. I’m honestly really excited to see how this season turns out!




cast is iconic except for the eye sore of a panda sorrynot sorry
Sent by princesspretty,Jan 16, 2023
I feel like this season is unofficially second chances lol!
Sent by nateclove,Jan 16, 2023
nateclove but Season 18 was the official Second Chances season! It was exclusive to returning villagers that were evicted pre-jury
Sent by NanoNerd,Jan 16, 2023
Wait where is the low down on Alli xx
Sent by andalarew_2231,Jan 16, 2023
andalarew_2231 Alli is originally from Season 4, which is the only season she’s made an appearance in. No other houseguest this season is from Season 4, so I don’t think any other houseguest would have a bias for or against her since they’ve never played the game with her before
Sent by NanoNerd,Jan 16, 2023
Good cast
Sent by cotbey,Jan 16, 2023
What about Deirdre? Does she have no pre existing relationships? 😢
Sent by Gilby,Jan 17, 2023
Gilby she’s the only houseguest who is from Season 10, so no she does not have any pre-existing relationships.
Sent by NanoNerd,Jan 17, 2023

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