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Blog Big Brother Season 1 - PoV Results (& Ceremony) #3

Nov 26, 2020 by Mrkk
Tyler ( Eagles3256) - Nominee
Ryan ( Typhlosion37)
Tim ( tbrown_47)
Drew ( Tester)
Ellie ( Vessas)
Shane ( Scodawg79)
Michelle ( michland143) - Head Of Household
Hana ( HanaL117)
Hong ( Hong)
Colin ( ColinCoco) - Nominee
Anton ( AntonB)
Sony ( kingjames13)

Welcome back to "Blog Big Brother" Season 1!

It's Day 12 in the house and we are ready to know who will get Power Of Veto!

Let's see the results!

For the first time, all 6 players have done Veto giving me your rankings, let's see who won!

1ST PLACE - Michelle ( michland143) - 19 points
2ND PLACE - Drew ( Tester) - 17 points
3RD PLACE - Colin ( ColinCoco) - 17 points
4TH PLACE - Tyler ( Eagles3256) - 13 points
5TH PLACE - Tim ( tbrown_47) - 13 points
6TH PLACE - Shane ( Scodawg79) - 11 points

The third power of veto is...MICHELLE, you're doing awesome this game!

BUT, here is an interesting twist of this edition!

If HoH wins also PoV in the same week, HoH/PoV winner can't change his noms, so Tyler and Colin ARE THE FINAL NOMS!

The final nominees of week 3 are...

COLIN ( ColinCoco)
TYLER ( Eagles3256)

HOUSEGUESTS, it is now your choice to evict one of the 2 nominees, the houseguest that will receive most votes will be eliminated!

In case more people won't vote, random votes will be given but equally divided (for example if 2 people don't vote, 1 random vote will go to each of the nominees, if 4 people don't vote 2 random votes will go to each of the nominees)

You have 20 HOURS to vote who to evict from NOW!

Remember that who doesn't vote at eviction won't play next HoH!

See ya!

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Ovbiously idk if some real Big Brother Editions did this thing but lol okay
Sent by Mrkk,Nov 26, 2020
Sent by GothicZebra,Nov 26, 2020
Congrats Michelle!

Wow I was close :O
Sent by Tester,Nov 26, 2020
GL Colin and Tyler!
Sent by Tester,Nov 26, 2020
Happy Thanksgiving!!
Sent by Decisions,Nov 26, 2020
gl noms
Sent by Typhlosion37,Nov 26, 2020
Interesting twist
Sent by tbrown_47,Nov 26, 2020
Good luck noms
Sent by RJTHEBOSS,Nov 26, 2020

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