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Blog Big Brother Season 1 - HoH Results #3

Nov 25, 2020 by Mrkk
Tyler ( Eagles3256)
Ryan ( Typhlosion37)
Tim ( tbrown_47)
Drew ( Tester)
Ellie ( Vessas)
Shane ( Scodawg79)
Michelle ( michland143)
Hana ( HanaL117)
Hong ( Hong)
Colin ( ColinCoco)
Anton ( AntonB)
Sony ( kingjames13)

Well hello houseguests!!!

It is finally time to reveal the winner of the third HoH!!!

Everyone done the challenge, we have 12 possible rankings and now I will reveal officially mine!

Here it is!
1st        Coldplay - Viva La Vida
2nd        Celeste - Stop This Flame
3rd        Ariana Grande – pov
4th        Dark Horse - Katy Perry
5th        JVNA - Catch Me
6th        BTS – Dynamite
7th        ROSALIA & Travis Scott – TKN
8th        Weird Genius – Lathi
9th        Shawn Mendes – Wonder
10th        Sam Smith – Diamonds

Now let's see how you've done! If you guessed a position right, you'll get a point!

Let's see who won!

Hong - 2/10
Anton - 2/10
Michelle - 2/10
Shane - 2/10
Colin - 1/10
Ryan - 1/10
Sony - 1/10
Ellie - 1/10
Drew - 1/10
Hana - 1/10
RJ - 0/10
Tyler - 0/10

Wow, you got almost them all wrong, but we have a 4-way tie, in case of ties, I'll give you points based on how fast you gave the submission, if you guessed the 1st place, 2nd place and so on.

In order, Shane (4p.), Michelle(3p.), Anton (2p.) and Hong (1p.) submitted challenge

Michelle, Anton and Hong (All 3 get 4p.) guessed the first place while Shane (1p.)guessed the 3rd

Michelle - 7p.
Anton - 6p.
Shane - 5p.
Hong - 5p.

The third head of household is...MICHELLE ( michland143), congrats!

Wow Michelle, you're killing it, 2 HoHs and 1 Fan-Favourite title!

Michelle, you can give me privately the names of the 2 people you want to nominate!
Since you have immunity you can vote anyone you want!

Good luck everyone

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Sent by Mrkk,Nov 25, 2020
Congrats !
Sent by kingjames13,Nov 25, 2020
Congrats Michelle!!
Sent by Vessas,Nov 25, 2020
Sent by RJTHEBOSS,Nov 25, 2020
Congrats Michelle!
Sent by Tester,Nov 25, 2020

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