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Let's all wishes this King.... Dec 20, 2023
A Happy Birthday... VanitySmurf

It's hard being 50+ and looking so great still... But Blu makes it aging look fantastic... (Just jokes... Love ya King! Have a great day... Turn tf up and get drunk! 🧡)
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1989🧡👑 Aug 20, 2023
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"How low will you go to win an argument!" Jun 23, 2023
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Happy Juneteenth Day! 👑 Jun 19, 2023
Sarah getting eliminated on Juneteenth.... It just feels right...
#ForTheCulture! ✊🏽
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They ate me up! Jun 18, 2023
_Matt 9 min ago
bye mrrobzilla u stupid bitch
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Someone still holding grudges... Lmao Jun 18, 2023
30th MrRobzilla
MrRobzilla was shot dead by ricardogv
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