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2ndNov 18, 2015 by MrOrange890
PYN for a 100% completely honest opinion of you to celebrate me no longer being rednosed! :)
Honestly only PYN if you know I know you enough to judge you

#TayBear17 - From the two or three Skype games we've played together you honestly seem fine minus the fact you're never loyal to me. I don't understand why Kelly hates your guts so much.

#Steel - You're the hot one, right?

rawr25 - You're NICE I GUESS and you randomly messaged me recently which you still haven't told me why other than the fact you wanted my 0. ALSO, we'll never be speaking about how we really met ;).

#wildboy12 - We went on like one call together I'm not sure if you remember and then like a few days or weeks later you posted a video of you showering which I thought was strange.

#FighterMan - I don't know quite a lot about you. I've heard people talk about you and it wasn't good things but from what I've seen you're actually nice, I think.

#mathboy9 - ADAM, okay I use to think you were annoying not going to lie but now I actually don't mind you but we never talk so if you ever wanna talk lemme know.

Maxi1234 - Okay.. so. This is going to be genuine. You're actually a really good friend and I don't know why more people don't give you a chance because you're fun to talk to and you make me laugh and cheer me up. Ily porky ♥.

#Daulton7996 - Omg, so at first I thought wow you're so loyal and nice, which I still think. BUT THEN I remember one call you were a total dick to me and I was like wow okay I hate Daulton. But now I like you again I guess you were just in a bad mood or something but you're really nice and loyal and I'm sorry for voting you out of The Real Fakes BB it was a mistake :(.

#acyuta - I don't really know you :(. Obviously I've seen you around and stuff but Idk you well enough. I'm sure you're a nice person!! Hopefully

#HaydenNicole - From the one call we've been on together recently you were funny so that's good!!

#Willie_ - All I remember you from is early September I use to comment flirtatious comments on your blogs LMAO. I'm sure you're nice & funny xo.

#JasonXtreme - We've called a few times and from those times you seem really cool but just know I will never be a sports fan x.

PureEssence - I fucking love you okay. You're honestly one of the best people I've ever met from this website. You're always there for me and you know I'll ALWAYS be right back there for you. You're funny, sweet, kind and beautiful inside & out. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise darling. Also LOVE your cover ;).

#Cornelia - I've seen you around a lot, but never really got to know you. Not really much I can say sorry LOL :(.

#koolness234 - Well, your name is Josh as well so that's cool! Anyways, your vlogs are really funny and I know you're a good person we just haven't ever talked really tbh.

baza76 - Bailey hun we just started talking recently don't ask me how but it's nice to be able to call you a friend because of how funny you are and how nice you are. ALSO the fact that we both love Santana Lopez is a bonus.

#anthonyy - Anthony you're really nice, funny and attractive but too thirsty. :*

KingGeek - AJ I fucking love you and you know that. You're funny and a sweetheart to your close friends :* < 3333

#hints - My little gal Tisha. You're really funny but can be a bitch to me sometimes BUT you make every Tish-O-Ween a good one.

EliOrtiz1234 - Just like Essence I fucking love you. You know we both got each other's backs and you really show me that you do care about me unlike some people. Stay awesome and make sure Essence gets everything she deserves ♥♥ but I already know you give her all that!

jtotalturtle - Jason baeeee my bestie for life I can not wait for our Chipotle date since I have no had Chipotle still. You are so amazing and Ilysm ♥.

FlamingJojo - JORDAN ♥♥. Ily and you're really funny and soo fun to be on call with! You know I'm supporting you in stars xoxo.

#mradamman12 - Adam. Adam Adam Adam. I DO LIKE YOU, It's just YOU DID FLIP ON ME so I am mad because I could've gotten you evicted had I not switched my vote. But yeah I still like you IG, I'm STILL MAD THO. Just play me in Pixduel.

#hugatree343 - Hug you're so nice and you have really good moral stay amazing:*

#Kaylabby - We've only talked a few times but I know you're really sweet and a loyal friend < 33

#Kaseyhope101 - ILYSM queen and it was me who gave you that 10

LovelyKiss - Jake I know we talk on and off but I do think of you as a friend and I appreciate everything you did for me ily ♥

Lemjam6 - I feel like we started off thinking we both hated each other but you proved to me that you didn't hate me (unless you do anyways) and I hope I proved the same. thank you so much for talking to me and being there and I do actually like you ♥

#Sam_Hamwich - We BARELY talk but I think you're really cool&nice and I'M SORRY FOR PICKING YOU FOR MY DRAFT TEAM THEN EVICTING YOU ;( ily

#Galaxies - Oooohhh, so I actually did want to be your friend when I said but idk it just never happened I guess. ALSO I think you tried pushing my buttons one day I won't say which because it was obvious but you might not have been idkkk so yeah if you weren't sorry for thinking you were.

#Thumper91 - I don't really know you obviouslyyy :( but I know of you

C_Shizz96 - Yessss hunny Chris I love you so much ♥♥ and it's so nice to be your friend and you're just a really amazing person :**** also dont forget to try the dinner i had last night ALSO shoutout to #C_Shitt96

#Matt64 - You're really annoying tbh.. like really annoying.

Instagram - Fake rude bitch. jk ur alright ♥ *EDIT: You're amazingly iconic and hot af. you're better than everyone else on this site ily

SmoothStalker12 - hellllooooo parent THANKS FOR BEING AMAZING ILY♥♥

#bigben1996 -  REALLY NICEEEE ♥♥

#mrcool - I know how badly you want Maxi's dick so I'll try hooking it up for you

#pikachu142 - I don't know you other than you have a really sweet heart

#NerdBird44 - I DON'T REALLY KNOW YOU SORRY :( But you like The Glass House so yas slay

#brandonpinzu - You're funny, nice and fucking amazing for removing the blogs I asked you too thanks ♥♥♥

tdilindsayfan100 - Nick sweetie ily, I remember when we first met I had a crush on you and I told you LMAO omg but seriously we're SUCH close friends now and we can always go to each other when we just need to talk and I always have a lot of fun with you

#fieryred11 - IDK you but I ALWAYS plus your spam and that's a fact, probs cuz you use my name in it always xoxoxo

bowling4fun - Romannnnn you're amazing sweet and ily ♥♥ stay amazing

skyler1822 - SKYLER ILYSM you're one of the nicest people I've ever met and tbh you're like a long lost older sister to me because we aren't that close but you gave me really good advice about my future and stuff and just always seem to care and be a good person so ily ♥

Kelly0412 - Kelly ily when you aren't a rude fucking bitch but you really are amazing... sometimes ♥♥♥

Arris - ARRIS hunny you're really chill and thank you for talking to me during school today ♥♥ now you just need to eat an uncrustable and i'll think even more highly of you

#Maladus1 - You're really nice and caring and a loyal ally !

Brandt69 - Brandttttt ilyyyyy ♥♥♥ you are such a queen and amazing and totally awesome

bamold1999 - You already know how I feel towards you and we have so many good memories and some bad together but ya i still love you and you're still a very very close friend of mine

#danielleloves2000 - I dont know you :(( Wish I did though you seem nice < 3

oreo270 - Paige < 33333 my girlfriend ilysm ♥♥♥ you're so nice sweet funny and amazing ily

SomebodyAwesome - I see you around a lot but we like never ever talk rip so idk much about you

AlyssaAF - queen queen queen queen queen queen queen ily queen queen queen queen

xFireFlysx - HEY JARED! You're actually a really close friend of mine kind of tbh idk but you prepared me for so much and YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN BY THAT BUT NO ONE ELSE WILL

coreyants - hey corey idrk u but u seem ok ig LMAO

LongedShorted - HELLO BLAKEEEEEE I actually do really like you but you're a fucking cunt to me even though I know you love me bitch don't try to hide it

GiGi10 - We don't ever talk but you're really nice from that one group game and hunger :*

jacco - I've played a few skype games with you before but I dont know you all that much to judge you sorryy xoxo you seem a bit too aggressive in them tho

black0ut247 - I see you in stars literally every chance you get and I still root for you most of the time tbh lmao ok thats all i really know about you LMAO


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