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  1. happy bday to my boo Valdamien
  2. No title
  3. No title
  4. Shane is making a big target on himself
  5. Why they getting rid of hot girls
  6. inb4 canada gets 5 medals
  7. PYN
  8. I blame brit for willie leaving
  9. chicaaa at work irl
  10. wow strong storm
  11. PYN
  12. I thank God for my fam and friends
  13. If you have a smart phone type this in
  14. hope you wont miss me much children
  15. The hantz family is a fail
  16. Stars voters
  17. Almost barfed on a spinning ride
  18. sw33t has taken over top blogs
  19. this commercial made me L O L
  20. who the hell is jacob in glass house?
  21. PYN reality show
  22. PYN
  23. rules of improv
  24. If a fat person goes skinny dipping
  25. Gojira who?
  27. + if you think foxox is a genderfaker
  28. whos boobs are these?
  29. we should have monthly wankers
  30. what is your fav generation of tengaged?
  31. government job
  32. PYN
  33. who would you never screw over?
  34. Who do you associate me with?
  35. Lamia or liama?
  36. Survivor or Big Brother?
  37. Julie Chen or Jeff Probst?
  38. Mars or snickers?
  39. dcsooner is racist
  40. if Survivor faced Big Brother

wow strong storm

Jul 26, 2012 by MontyBurns
the lightning shook my dad always told me never to take a shower during a thunderstorm. i dont know if its true that you can get electrocuted or not and i need to take a shower cause i did a workout

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