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  1. Im confused!
  2. Wanted to show off one of my newer Covers
  3. Happy Valentine's Day!
  4. All I Need For Valentines Day Is?
  5. Becoming Strong!
  6. Sorry fam emotional night ig
  7. When girls live on Recruit difficulty!
  8. I flopped
  9. Gl besties ❤
  10. Im so in Love with Ari lol
  11. I ship
  12. I believe in Respect :)
  13. No title
  14. My Fans Showed up On my last blog ❤
  15. I'm 17!
  16. Close to having a panic attack.
  17. Don't be like me Ladies and Gents!!!!
  18. Oreos can be bad for you
  19. my internet is glitched btw!!!!
  20. Stars Support :)
  21. SnowStorm Incoming!!!!!
  22. What I say to ghostwriters :P
  23. My diss track on Birks will always be a hit ;)
  24. I don't really do any trending stuff but...
  25. My biggest fear nowadays is?
  26. Just had an embarrassing moment! Lol
  27. Im so honored ty :)
  28. Sorry for last post
  29. Gonna shut my phone off.
  30. Ppl call me Jackie Chan
  31. Opinion on a celebrity! (Dont get mad pls)
  32. Wish you luck!
  33. Warning! 2
  34. Warning!
  35. I have a fan ;p
  36. ugh
  37. I now know my New Years Resolution
  38. So Excited!!!!
  39. Have a good night TG :)
  40. You are so sweet :)

drama alert!!!!!

Sep 23, 2018 by MoneyShot
It seems like My next beef is with Skype. I can't get on right now still and it seems like I might have to take a break or something.

unless I can gather an army to attack Skype for being cruel to me grrrrrrrrr


Sent by Paige54,Sep 23, 2018
Sent by GoodKaren,Sep 23, 2018
GoodKaren Paige54 (and ik it's late response wasn't sure if I should say anything) lol
Sent by MoneyShot,Sep 24, 2018

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