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  1. Im confused!
  2. Wanted to show off one of my newer Covers
  3. Happy Valentine's Day!
  4. All I Need For Valentines Day Is?
  5. Becoming Strong!
  6. Sorry fam emotional night ig
  7. When girls live on Recruit difficulty!
  8. I flopped
  9. Gl besties ❤
  10. Im so in Love with Ari lol
  11. I ship
  12. I believe in Respect :)
  13. No title
  14. My Fans Showed up On my last blog ❤
  15. I'm 17!
  16. Close to having a panic attack.
  17. Don't be like me Ladies and Gents!!!!
  18. Oreos can be bad for you
  19. my internet is glitched btw!!!!
  20. Stars Support :)
  21. SnowStorm Incoming!!!!!
  22. What I say to ghostwriters :P
  23. My diss track on Birks will always be a hit ;)
  24. I don't really do any trending stuff but...
  25. My biggest fear nowadays is?
  26. Just had an embarrassing moment! Lol
  27. Im so honored ty :)
  28. Sorry for last post
  29. Gonna shut my phone off.
  30. Ppl call me Jackie Chan
  31. Opinion on a celebrity! (Dont get mad pls)
  32. Wish you luck!
  33. Warning! 2
  34. Warning!
  35. I have a fan ;p
  36. ugh
  37. I now know my New Years Resolution
  38. So Excited!!!!
  39. Have a good night TG :)
  40. You are so sweet :)

I can't believe this is getting top blog :)

Feb 8, 2018 by MoneyShot
you guys are the best this just gives me more motivation to do it. and I will try to not let you down. i'm going to post a link sometime when I get done S01E01 for "Tengaged Embassy"  :)
first figure out season 1 characters and then the writing starts. better start working soon

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