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  1. My issue between people in today's society.
  2. sometimes I don't get some people.
  3. sorry fam but...
  4. I am so Shocked tysm
  5. Sorry to break the news but....
  6. my recent awesome crazy friends :)
  7. AskMe
  8. I finally got my rest
  9. It's funny that.....
  10. Tengaged 3rd vid???
  11. I need a favor
  12. Happy Birthday girls
  13. This guy loves to..
  14. My freestyle I did.
  15. My biggest stalker is???
  16. ugh I want to eat but then I don't.
  17. This was question of the day yesterday lol
  18. hi
  19. Finally Got My Sliding Door Put Up :)
  20. Who is my favorite Tengager?
  21. Finally Skype is working for me
  22. Sick
  23. I Am Now A Samurai Swordsman ;)
  24. I hate Allergy seasons :(
  25. drama alert!!!!!
  26. Sorry Skype friends but....
  27. Had a nice day
  28. Me Best Friend's Wedding is soon
  29. Two girls fighting over me ugh
  30. It's Hard To Explain On How My Heart Was Broken
  31. Hi Fam don't worry I'm fine
  32. This cant be happening.
  33. My future?
  34. Tengagers I wish I talked more, again and some..
  35. guys sad news for Karen.
  36. Message to every TGer!!!
  37. Who wants to play Go Fish with me?
  38. My name should be.....
  39. Is it just me or????
  40. Finding The Light in me

I can't believe this is getting top blog :)

Feb 8, 2018 by MoneyShot
you guys are the best this just gives me more motivation to do it. and I will try to not let you down. i'm going to post a link sometime when I get done S01E01 for "Tengaged Embassy"  :)
first figure out season 1 characters and then the writing starts. better start working soon

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