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  1. thanks santa :3
  2. rudolph glasses pls c:
  3. this game has 7 multis in it
  4. strategic icon
  5. wud anyone like to be friends c:
  6. morning qts
  7. anyone like this new design?
  8. How in HELL is this design allowed?
  9. so i said higher
  10. good news
  11. stars heads up
  12. a mood
  13. multied out
  14. Achievements
  15. When someone tries to be a mastermind
  17. This is Ridiculous
  19. can someone
  20. Why was smuguy banned
  21. 199% honest opinions
  22. Yall Dont Defend This Kid
  23. If you could have one person right now
  24. ** GIFT GIVEAWAY **
  25. this stars cast
  26. i remember
  27. this blog wont delete
  28. 4th

Why was smuguy banned

13thJul 15, 2018 by MisterPredaa
edit: admin commented with reasoning


he deserves it
Sent by 2388,Jul 15, 2018
He was hacked
Sent by _Finesse,Jul 15, 2018
do we really need to ask this
Sent by BB5lover,Jul 15, 2018
Pretty sure his account was hacked. All of a sudden I was his #2 friend. Always have loved the guy, but people don’t randomly change their friends list so drastically lmao
Sent by KrisStory,Jul 15, 2018
Sent by Roshy,Jul 15, 2018
Roshy MisterPredaa They allowed us to ban them for 24-hours. It is an experiment in order to detect if their account is able to be disconnected from Facebook.
Sent by Admin,Jul 15, 2018
Thx admin king
Sent by Roshy,Jul 15, 2018
admin can I ask why the hell papibadd wasn’t banner FOR HACKING HIM.
Sent by tonyalbright,Jul 15, 2018
tonyalbright who are you the mod police, you wanted minie banned for using the f word, and then I seen you saying the exact same word on a blog of #brxan's moments later. Hypocrite.
Sent by damo1990,Jul 16, 2018
No you fucking toad damo1990. I used it before mods came around and started “enforcing” rules again.
Sent by tonyalbright,Jul 16, 2018
Lol you got blacklisted for it tonyalbright the point is you were being a hypocrite and you called me homophobic and making a scene over something you do. You are pathetic (:
Sent by Minie,Jul 16, 2018

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