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20thAug 7, 2022 by Minie
y'all really gave this trashy bitch 2nd and almost a stars win

systrix Or maybe your cunt ass should mind their own fucking business? God you and that sea cow and unwed magoo mother can't stop hoping off one's d.
Sent by UsernameThatWasFree,Aug 7, 2022

Like how gross of this whore to say i would hop on anyones dick?
And talking to kayla in fucking 2022 as if you cant be a fucking mother without being married?

Also when would that nasty ass grown man bluebarracuda stop with his victim complex and delusions and actually go seek mental help?


erm this women does not even know my relationship status... so that must be awkward for her.
Sent by Kaylabby,Aug 7, 2022
even tho.. who the fuck says that in 2022. unless ur 100 years old. kaylabby
Sent by Minie,Aug 7, 2022
minie lowkey the GOAT of getting people angry LMFAO
Sent by vansreborn,Aug 7, 2022
just like itachi vansreborn
Sent by Minie,Aug 7, 2022
do not blog about me again, or I will report you for harassment. Please stop bullying me and other users. you have been warned by moderation before and will be reported if this continues.
Sent by BlueBarracuda,Aug 8, 2022

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