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Omgpop was down for over 10 years

Nov 5, 2021 by Minie
coreyants Weirdo and the only kid I met there was rivoux who is now in his 20s.who is also the person who introduced me to this site. And is gay and who treated me like I was his mother as he lost his when he was little and he literally called me mom. Don’t come at me with that weird shit. His whole family knew me and I was in touch with his whole family. I even contemplated on adopting him and my family was also introduced to him.

And I was younger than your current age then.

I hardly had anyone from any other sites on Skype until I joined tengaged.

I didn’t come for your discord chat, I came for you. Because you are almost 30 and analyzing discord chats which is weird.

And I legit left all the chats even you kept adding me to since 2015. And you kept adding me to them over and over but it’s sad to see that’s still your life.

There’s many years before I’m 40 love.

Sent by ItsAlexia,Nov 5, 2021
Team Minie he seems like a loser
Sent by Veigar,Nov 5, 2021

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