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  1. sorry to break it to you but
  2. Really tho
  3. BRYAN IS 16???
  4. Bryan has never
  5. Thank u, next
  6. ⋆ . ·Starts Support⋆ . ·
  7. stop accusing me of telling you racist shit
  8. If I ever said anything mean to any of you
  9. you forgot to change your name
  10. You never included tengaged
  11. So 2 people who had beef with me
  12. Really weird
  13. wtf cringe
  14. gift me dusty boho chic plz
  15. No title
  16. Tag anyone
  17. For every 30 points
  18. Neg the linked blog
  19. Im joining stars this saturday
  20. Lmao
  21. If someone
  22. Pyn for honest opinion
  23. I hate that I feel like I want to 💩every time
  24. I wonder
  25. Who wants to be friends
  26. Bid
  27. Aqua romantic & aqua lucky (for the first..
  28. PYNfor an ONION from me
  29. PYN if you want a gift from my next shop
  30. PYN
  31. Who wants a gift?
  32. I really would like to eat a whole turkey by..
  33. Who wants a gift
  34. I feel so tired
  35. This is literally too psychotic
  36. I will do anything for..
  37. Fuck all these new users
  38. PYN for honesty
  39. Selling my account
  40. Please add me as a friend

Can people legit stop

Jan 20, 2019 by Minie
Making blogs about #frookies??
Frookies is so 2013. Stop being lame.

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