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Oct 17, 2023 by Minie
boytoy4cato literally was openly racist to me and was a big ass bully in a Skype game and we were in and marietori whom I didn’t know back then defended me and got him out of the game.
And I have been on calls with you more than twice lmao! I was an innocent unproblematic person back then and didn’t fight back. We have been on league calls and flawless calls multiple times where you were passive aggressively racist. Anyway it’s okay. I don’t care about that at all. End of the day I look flawless and you are an obese acne faced fat ball hater.


Negs won’t cure your ugly face or your ugly soul
Sent by Minie,Oct 17, 2023
He said my lips look like Mount Everest
Sent by Danger,Oct 17, 2023
I will add to this convo I can confirm that ppl were racist to you because I remember back in like 2015 maybe? ppl always talked about your ethnicity to use against you in games I don't know who it was sadly as everyone always sounded the same to me on calls.
Sent by Jasmina,Oct 17, 2023
not too much marietori promo
Sent by TGDeuxMoi,Oct 17, 2023

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