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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

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Oct 17, 2023 by Minie
I’ve had my problematic era of f slur usage and I won’t deny that and never have.
But this white acne faced fatty used to proudly and openly be racist to me in every call we were on and had to pull out a one sided convo of me saying the f word and thought he ate
Like if ur gonna be a sjw first be perfect
If ur gonna tell me to not spend irl money on t (which I don’t btw) stop spending your liposuction savings on pixels
If ur obese, acne faced bitch, stop calling our people on looks! Btw my teeth are literally perfect and not gapped but if it was I would still call it flawsome.
You are a mess and I thought you came back better but you are even worse than how you were back in your proud racist days
And weren’t you logging out?


can you call me an f word in mails i low-key loved it when u did that back then
Sent by FighterMan,Oct 17, 2023
For $100 I will fighterman
Sent by Minie,Oct 17, 2023
Now wasting your time spamming in servers when you can use that time to cleanse your face and get away from your fat chair. So sad :(
Sent by Minie,Oct 17, 2023

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