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10thAug 30, 2023 by Minie
Lmao this ugly cocaine bitch claiming I ever use cartoon Snapchat filter?

Like u literally look like a methhead and you ain’t pretty and your make up look like ur going for a Halloween party.
Take a fucking seat. Stop acting so important. like, ur a nobody. And definitely not someone who should give anyone make up advice or call people ugly.

post a selfie
Aug 30, 2023 by ohhayy
without a wild cartoon snapchat edit then come talk to me.



The fact remains that you think I use filters when I don’t. I’ll take it as a compliment xo
Sent by Minie,Aug 30, 2023
i'd watch ohhayy in cocaine bear 2: cocaine bitch
Sent by Jujubee,Aug 30, 2023

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