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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

No title

Aug 30, 2023 by Minie
Re: No title
Aug 29, 2023 13:57:32
Lmao get real you stupid bitch? First you saying you don’t know me? You literally said you are tanner and you know me since your first account when you were like 12 and we literally played my last game together and interacted on and off since your return. So saying shit like you don’t know me cause you want to charge a ridiculous amount for a video edit? You didn’t even know what I wanted. Where the hell did I say I wanted it for free? I just think you are a gold digging bitch trying to charge such a high price for something without even knowing what I wanted. I mean I can get it done for 5 dolla, there are so many websites so you can go eat shit hun. 1Roxi

@Re: No title
Why tf wud i do sum shit for u for free psychopath i have no clue who u r
>Eat shit
>>>Make me a video
>>>>Its a joke i edit them

Oh you aren’t that likeable either annoying irritating bitch ohhayy I hope people see you for your annoying fake ass. Y’all both annoying and fake and look like you both eat cocaine for breakfast and I guess that’s why you eat each others asses

ew i hate her she is a vile sad person lol.
Sent by ohhayy,Aug 29, 2023

Like I’m actually very happy with my life and not vile or disgusting. But you are 24/7 being a nuisance here or victimizing yourself. And hun let me say this, you aren’t the IT girl like get over yourself. You literally got exposed for sexualizing a minor and pretending to be them for years and you are still talking here confidently as if your vile disgusting ass is perfect. 🤮 and still using her pictures in every blog. Weird ass bitch.

It’s also funny the way this bitch speaks about me, when I was one of her 2 friends when everyone hated her for being vile. Really victimized herself and attacked me cause I accidentally misgendered her because she never revealed to me she was a trans woman apart from telling me she was fooling people pretending to be the minor she was sexualizing to date. Weird ass bitch.
Lolz who is vile now?


+++ diva
Sent by Marilise,Aug 30, 2023
Hi babes! Miss you marilise hope you’ve been well
Sent by Minie,Aug 30, 2023
Lmao idiotic ugly bitch spamming ppl to vote and it’s still not in minus!
Sent by Minie,Aug 30, 2023

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