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Aug 10, 2023 by Minie
Lmao this is literally so funny
I read cola,s blog and it had so much going on but it also said something about him attacking a woman for not being a good mother, I actually just ignored the blog cause I didn’t like the fact that he brought a woman and her children up in to the blog

I go on to this said. Mothers blogs and sees a several comments by another user including her getting attacked for being a bad mother for playing frookies

Then I make a blog to not bring her children up etc etc and cola jumps in and saying her friend is a pedo enabler so she’s a bad mother

Then goes on to attack me saying I shouldn’t be a mother too cause I defended her and now somehow I’m a pedo enabler for defending a mother   Who is friends with a supposed pedo enabler

Like ur literally fucking delusional


Sent by stolenseason,Aug 10, 2023
I told you- exactly what Cola and karma are putting us through now. Sorry you have to endure this as well-
Sent by countrysavage,Aug 10, 2023
Keep writing paragraphs psychopath and I’m obv not reading ur bullshit, I swear upon my unborn children I’m not.
Sent by Minie,Aug 10, 2023
We will back you ❤️
Sent by Bigjon21,Aug 10, 2023
twitter threads personified
Sent by Hunty,Aug 10, 2023
countrysavage don't drag me into this shit, I haven't said one word to or about Minie this morning. I have no issue with Minie. Unlike you guys, I don't interject myself in drama that doesn't concern me, so stop trying to include me. I don't have to be miserable like you and your friends all day every day
Sent by KarmaSutra,Aug 10, 2023
I can say whatever karma.bitch
Sent by countrysavage,Aug 10, 2023

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