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Does anyone have S20E02? Jun 28, 2018
I really don't want to wait to watch it on global :(

Also... hello again everyone!
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Gift Mar 17, 2018
Thanks cswaggerr you didn't have to do that! Not sure how often I'll be playing until this site gets ANYTHING new.
Still, you're my bro for life thank you
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Anyone else remember Apr 14, 2017
Remember that moment when...
From Eoin bought in shop 15 Minutes of Fame
Thank you for all the nice work, but fuck you here's an illegal design

When Eoin gifted randomize
Gonna be awkward when rando checks his gifts. #shops
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To stop the flow of easy unearned money Apr 14, 2017
To stop the flow of easy unearned money, randomize you need to change the current betting system. If you haven't noticed, people purposely throw the game to a predetermined winner. What would be better? Let us bet on stars, the "Stars support" might actually mean something by putting your money behind it.

That also would allow you to remove the betting limits. Letting people stake 100s or 1000s of T would make it very interesting.

Edit: In Stars the bets would remain secret until after the game ends.

#stars #rookies
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Nominated for 15th Mar 26, 2017
Save me you lovely bitches.



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Officially a Skeleton Nov 21, 2016
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You know he is never coming back right? Eventually one day he will stop paying for the domain and hosting. (That's the only expense this site costs him right now)

#rookies #shops #stars
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