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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

PYN for a positive comment from me

5thJan 13, 2022 by Midiaw
It’s my Zen moment

#kindred7, my god you are so nice to me. Like, I’d give anything to get to meet you in real life honestly queen shit
#christossss, brother for life… not shocked that you friended the whole Tengaged because you are genuine asf
#abstractjay, king jay jay, I’m so grateful to be one of your friend. Like fr, you are just awesome by nature. Keep up the positivity
#Survivor8, ewww, jk lol… You are like a big bro because you always step in to defend me and that means a lot. Doesn’t mean we r done fighting. I’ll drag you to the mud. I’m not done yet 😎. But you r still a bestie to talk to 😊
#tonym101101, One of the best people I’ve befriended here. We always have each other’s back. We have that connection of sharing irl moments, laughing, joking on funny stuffs. You are the king
#jameslu, I was waiting for this
Just kidding haha… you are honestly one of the best game players here. When I beat you some few time, it’s like me winning the Olympic Games. That goes to show that I honor you and love you so much
#Times_Places: king, I’m still so bad for trolling and talking shit about you in the blog page. You are actually really nice fr and didn’t deserve any of that. I wish I can go back and erase all of it. You are a genuine person
#J2999, James Idk why I can’t be mad at you. I really tried 😂. But you are really nice. You always make sure to not hurt people’s feeling and reach out to have a genuine convos. I think a lot of people should do the same thing. In games, you are a cunt ofc 😤. But outside of it, you become that handsome guy ready to take a bullet for his friends and that’s why I always admir you
#useamint, dear Kevin, bestie, king shit. You are one of the people who loved me the most, even the Tengaged algorithm said it. I am and will always be loyal to you and have your back. You are awesomeeee. However Im the king of castings still, just saying 😎
#FromAWindow: *Shoot Braden and go to jail*
One thing I really like about you is the way you control yourself in any situation. In addition, you are funny and always bring light in the room. You’ll always have my support in anything
yswimmer96, Ahh another legend. When everybody was saying that I had to be evicted from hg, you were one of the people who had my back and that was golden to me. I don’t deserve you after that Survivor game 🙈. I definitely have to return the favor, I promise
koolness234, one of the best stars players and good mod. You slayed in that vlog you made recently. I wanna be you so bad because you r iconic in everything
3pi14159, yesss king Pi. You are the one who literally taught me how Tengaged works. You are full of love and a genuine person. Keep your head up and everything will be fine 😊
Celsius, Eve, one of my best friend here. We are like Bonny & Clyde in games because our force do damage when someone try to break it. I’m always learning from you and try to better myself in games. Thank you just for existing 😊
brightongal, Queen Jessica I’m so grateful to get to know you more. I’m all for GirlPower and the fact that you left home at 16 and moved to a new country with different culture is just badass girl. Like fr, I admire that force and courage you have in you wow 🤩
Robynn, omg bestie it’s a pleasure to have your stamps in this blog. You have such a big heart in you and that’s one of the reason why we are so close. Also, I’m a big fan of BBB. Hence I used Juliette Freire in all my stars blogs
Tryphena, Tanyaaaaa like I was literally sad yesterday after seeing you out of casting #robbed. As a pro game player, you are able to do something that most people can’t do which is « not taking game personally ». Just like Braden, you know how to handle your feelings in desperate situation and that’s really incredible ❤️
hamburgerbunzz, Rachel m’y favorite rival. I love you so much. You breaking the 5k karma in a very short time is impressive, so congrats. Knowing that you make like 300/ day, I was proud to make sure that you ended up 50 karma short last week by snatching the 2nd place
Becksta20: queen beck or should I say Kindred7 twins 👯‍♀️  haha. You are one of a kind and taught me “hot chips” instead of “fries” in McDonald’s from Australia 😅. You kick ass in games too lol and loyal to all of your friend. Always be happy!
turkeylover, miss Lee, my favorite 🇹🇷 🦃. One thing I really like about you is the enthusiastic mood you bring everywhere you go. On top of that, you are funny asf and made me laugh so many times ngl. Don’t change anything, keep it like that. I choose the right decision by signing the Turkey Lee Fanbase List.
Booyahhayoob, lmao I can’t believe you are matching Cherita in hair. You are funny too. I always have fun reading most of your blog and get the enjoyment was looking, in a positive way of course haha
cantevendougie, Doug ohhh gosh if only I have enough fund to gift you, believe me I would do it. The amount of time you helped make me speechless. Like, sometime I feel bad because I also want you give back. You are a cool guy, friend and allie <3
Lucas_RFS: Lucas my dear, it’s with pleasure to have you here. When I saw you in that casting, we automatically connected. In addition, I’ve noticed that you always plus people’s blog which is, again, really nice and you are just like that by nature. Im gonna keep this friendship with both of my hands and try to make it stronger
Carriexoxo24xo: bff, Bestie, my #1. I found it soo iconic to see this friendship growing everyday. I remember shooting you out of Hunger because the Shellbelle squad tricked me and I felt so bad after that. I’ll never forgive myself. I’ll do anything to protect you in games. Everyone loves you here ☺️ And I’m so grateful to have you by my side ❤️
CarolinaSteele: Kirsten 💗, everything about you is perfect. You are good in games, you are one of the genuine people here, you won’t hesitate to help out a friend and have a good music taste :). You are smart, and also one of the people who loves me the most according to Tengaged algorithm just like Kevin. You deserve 10 gifts everyday. Always be happy queen
Yandereboy12: legend yander, Im so happy to one of your closest friend. That friendship is reciprocal and seeing your support made me be more loyal to you. You even pmEd me sometimes to keep me calm and stay out of drama (because I can’t get my mouth shut lol). So thank you for being such a good friend 😊
Galaxies, king, we have the same profession focus and goes to show that you are a very responsible and smart person. You are cool and easy to talk to. I like our interaction even though it’s limited. I’d love to get to know you even more hopefully in the future.
Jengaged, I love this queen so much. You gave me the energy I needed to push through when I was in stars and that means a lot. Clearly, you are very supportive and always ready to help. So I wanna thank you so much 😊
Arris buddy, I’m getting to know you more and more. And honestly, you are just a sweetheart in my eyes. You have me as friend truly.

Lol, one of a kind… I always enjoy our calls. You are was going and I regret for not going on calls during our stars. It would have been way more better
peace123: I’m not shooting you this time 😊. One of the amazing people people I met recently. Let it be known that Peace actually plus the entire blog page all day long and comment to your blog. You deserve 1000Ts or 10 gifts/ day. Keep spreading positive vibes 😊

skyler1822: Ohh queen shit. My casting twin, we can go on and on talking all day long without being tired. You are easy going and no shocked that you get along with everyone. You always support, help or give good advices to friends or anyone that needs it ❤️
Jenna2010, ohh this is queen. You always try to keep the peace and I always pluss your designs. It’s always a pleasure to help out. Plus you have been supporting me every time I’m in the blog page or in games ❤️
MarieTori: Montanaaa, I love you so much. You are a sweetheart and was robbed in stars :( I hope we will play more game together because I really enjoyed our previous one
_Matt: bestie Matt, another legend. You are one of the people I like here so much. Also, you need to join stars and snatch your win. I will always have your back.
VanitySmurf: king Blu, bff, bestie, like one of my first friend here. You are one of a kind, really down to earth. You know how to treat people with respect and show love to those who matter to you the most. I’m so grateful to be your friend and that friendship just keep on growing 😊
Typhlosion37, king Ryan you are a sweetheart. You are one of the best host in this site. I remember winner your stars blog game and it was my pleasure playing in it. I hope you bring back that game again. Plus I saw all your support when I’m in games. I love you king
Thumper91: Laurennnnn, the best of the best. You have such a big heart and so genuine omg. You have me as your #1 supporter in games. In addition, you recently slayed me in casting with grace and that’s badass. Thank you for being such a good friend 😊
Elian: another iconic person. You know how I feel about you. One of a kind, you always stay positive no matter what happens. That’s something I admire in you. So don’t ever change that good quality ❤️


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