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Give him the pluss Dec 2, 2023
I think the questions are quite entertaining and interesting too 😊
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Today I don’t okay Nov 28, 2023
One of my coworkers is leaving for another company and you know she’s like the only one I talk the most about everything whether it’s professional or personal (life in general).

Now I feel alone and don’t really have the energy to work at all 😩. I’m kinda in another depression phase
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Wishing you all a nice Nov 23, 2023
Happy thanksgiving 🦃🍽. This year, I’m spending it in LA with cousins and friends 😊
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The three sisters are back Nov 22, 2023
Gagaluv Justme Jenna2010
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I never meant to come off like that Jul 24, 2023
Let along using words that are inappropriate. I’m the one in the wrong because first of all, I shouldn’t have typed “it” in the first place, and secondly, saying that she deserves the bullying. This was me acting like an asshole and ignorant too.
It saddens me too because I should have like apologize the minute I typed it but I didn’t because I was guilty, stubborn and refusing to listen to people.
There’s no excuses for what I typed honestly.

I’m sorry for all the nonsense and honestly I deserved all the bashing too.

I’m sorry ohhayy for being nasty to you and an asshole because that’s how I feel about myself right now. I’m seeking for forgiveness and I really mean it 🙏🏻. I’m sorry for taking this much time to even realizing that I went really far.
heavenlee, you know that I will always love you. We have a bond that I don’t want it to be over ever.

Sorry to everyone for the damage I caused with that comment. It wasn’t nice at all. Also yes language barrier might a bit impact however, this is all me guilty of embarrassment and full of ego refusing to listen and see that what I have said was way too much. So for that, I am very sorry

Eventually I’ll have a conversation with Jessica but I’ll start with this public blog first.
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Can’t sleep and bored Jul 17, 2023
Deadly combination
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