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  1. I'm so happy this site
  2. Hamza, Will & Veronica
  3. You side with the enemy,
  4. Hamza is a ugly stupid cunt
  5. Just so y'all know
  6. Why are they giving
  7. Stephanie needs to go home.
  8. My babe
  9. Humans are cancer to Earth.
  10. I'm not watching
  11. Humans need to hurry up
  12. You want to know something iconic?
  13. I got to make a trip to
  14. Hamza is a cunt
  15. I'm so emotional
  16. Not to be racist or anything
  17. Ugh Jesse is going this week.
  18. Tengaged should've shut down
  19. They're doing the
  20. Will is fucking canceled.
  21. Mood
  23. Jon Pardy
  24. Merron, Veronica, Will, Hamza
  25. If Jesse goes home
  26. Merron, Veronica, Will, Hamza
  27. "As much as I fucking hate you Liza,
  28. FUCK
  29. The BBCAN6 House
  30. Message to anyone
  31. All I want is everything.
  32. Jesse Larson
  33. Inhale love,
  34. No title
  35. Jessica Graf
  36. When I love something
  37. Jesse Larson > Everyone Else
  38. I said it once, I'll say it again.
  39. Who's the most hated member
  40. Late at night when all the world is sleeping

Do you guys think if

Feb 28, 2018 by Mickiejames22
Michael Jackson didn't die he'd still be alive today?


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Ya never know y’all can always just drop dead
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