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  1. is rose mulet trans?
  2. Genuine question
  3. TGDR
  4. Sabrina Claudio - Orion's Belt
  5. I did the deed in a car for the first time
  6. Why can’t I meet a guy with a similar taste of..
  7. My uncle died today
  8. I'm in a snapchat group called 'NSFW'
  9. Met a cute guy for a coffee today
  10. I love this duet on The Voice <3
  11. + if you ever have a pooh
  12. Got caught being a hoe
  13. It's my birthday in an hour
  14. Just got sucked off by like a 6 out of 10
  15. I miss beyonce's power tunes
  16. Just been told by the village bike
  17. I'm done at this username
  18. No title
  19. My blog pic
  20. I hate it when you eat raspberries
  21. This photo KILLED me.
  22. GIRL I got a question for ya
  23. Also, save me on cromatique's stars
  24. Who's a cute gay on TG?
  25. Post your names & snapchats
  26. Don't take it personal
  28. do i get a charity for 50th game?
  29. Tengaged Snapstreaks <3
  30. Does anyone know how to change predictive text?
  31. Hunger is such a weird game
  32. Hunger games
  33. I ain't about to lie (part2)
  34. So..... is
  35. I have a high temperature
  36. i hate it when you're all clean and then BAM
  37. Really need a back massage
  38. Hungover af
  39. I <3 this song
  40. Watch out for when this song hits the million..


Mar 4, 2018 by MichelleWilliams
#tgdr is giving me life.

Where was my invite karim


Sent by karim,Mar 4, 2018

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