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  1. The only time I got banned
  2. Survivor
  3. Just watched the voice finale
  5. Big Brother 2
  6. I miss being loved
  7. #BBCan6
  8. I've just sent in an application for first dates
  9. Just watched last week's First Dates episode
  10. Fav player from every BB season UK, US and CAN..
  11. BBCAN6
  12. Live playoffs night 2
  13. I want to join a new frat?
  14. Hope everyone's well and having a decent day
  15. Suicide occurs too often on this site...
  16. for every 100 points
  17. Wait a second... I just realised something
  18. fell asleep receiving a BJ
  19. is rose mulet trans?
  20. Genuine question
  21. TGDR
  22. Sabrina Claudio - Orion's Belt
  23. I did the deed in a car for the first time
  24. Why can’t I meet a guy with a similar taste of..
  25. My uncle died today
  26. I'm in a snapchat group called 'NSFW'
  27. Met a cute guy for a coffee today
  28. I love this duet on The Voice <3
  29. + if you ever have a pooh
  30. Got caught being a hoe
  31. It's my birthday in an hour
  32. Just got sucked off by like a 6 out of 10
  33. I miss beyonce's power tunes
  34. Just been told by the village bike
  35. I'm done at this username
  36. No title
  37. My blog pic
  38. I hate it when you eat raspberries
  39. This photo KILLED me.
  40. GIRL I got a question for ya


Mar 4, 2018 by MichelleWilliams
#tgdr is giving me life.

Where was my invite karim


Sent by karim,Mar 4, 2018

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