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2ndOct 19, 2019 by MichelleObama
Day 5 - What is your favorite Legendary/Mythical/UB?

Deoxys. Literally flawless. I love all her formes except defense deoxys.

Deoxys’s’ Defense forme is okay, but I’ve always thought she wasn’t sexy enough. I made a few changes here to try to help her in that department. I made her blonde and changed her arms to hair since hair is sexier than arms. Her boobs were basically non-existent, so I enlarged them to a more natural size. It was important to me to keep the proportions realistic while still optimizing sexiness, and I think I’ve really achieved that goal. She’s wearing black leather like a motorcycle girl who is sexy riding on a motorcycle or drinking a beer on a motorcycle. Her skin is blue like a mixture between those sexy Avatar aliens and that blonde Smurf lady who is super hot all the time in that mushroom house where she lives. I gave her lips and pink lipstick for her lips so that she can smile sexily and say encouraging things to me in the morning before I go to work.

I’ve now given her very sexy high heels, but since they might be detrimental to her ability to walk, I’ve also given her a really hot and sexy self-balancing personal transportation device so that she can go zoom while still looking so very hot.



Sent by _Aria,Oct 19, 2019
-15 should have been a jetx
Sent by mahogany,Oct 19, 2019
neg for the image my eyes feel violated
Sent by NJKoda1998,Oct 19, 2019
this is iconic
Sent by HaliFord,Oct 19, 2019
the image reminds me of lady gaga 2010 for some rsn
Sent by peace123,Oct 20, 2019
this is so good
Sent by Saftronbtr999,Oct 20, 2019

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