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1stOct 22, 2016 by MichelleObama
imageSo here is the whole story.
Me being the hoe that I am took advantage of the fact I have a hotel room to myself in Chicago and opened up grindr. And to my shock I saw bottomslut123 aka queenisha online and not even a mile away. Us being switchbully sisters I had to message him. It turns out that we were both being messaged by the same ugly guy. The guy was offering me money to fuck him and offering Nisha to buy alcohol for his underraged ass.

Me and Nisha then came up with a master plan to ask him for money and then make a break for it. I went under the false alias of Sam and Nisha went as John. Nisha was picked up at a false address while I was picked up at my hotel.

We were nearly gonna blow our cover from laughing so hard. But we got nervous once we realized how far away his house was. The whole car ride me and Nisha looked at each other uncomfortably multiple times.

We finally got into his house and we instantly felt we were gonna die as we took our first steps into his garage. Here is a pic of me trying to hide my fear with a smile and Nisha looking distressed.

Once we got up to his living room, he offered us alcohol. Me and Nisha had some wine while he had some vodka. My plan was to avoid sex by continuing small talk the whole time. The guy asked for Nisha's ID since he looks fucking 16 years old. Ultimately, the magnetic pull of me and nisha's bomb ass bussy's was too strong and the guy we were trying scam made the initiation to take us to the bedroom.

He told us to get naked. Me and Nisha freezed. He coaxed us to remove our jackets but once he reached for the shirts, it was not happening. Me and Nisha began acting uncomfortably, and claimed that we couldn't go through with the 3some as it would ruin our friendship. The guy was persistent.

Jean then asked for a shot to loosen himself up. We then began showing more discomfort in the kitchen as the guy said the 3some would not ruin me and Nisha's friendship. He tried to ask if he could just have 1 of us and then drop off the other. After more expressal of discomfort, he said he would drive us home. He than ran upstairs to get his car keys.

In the meantime, Nisha quickly snatched a bottle of alcohol from the kitchen and put it in his bag before the man returned. We also took this selfie that is very expressive of the whole situation.

The guy came back and dropped Nisha off first. He also gave Nisha $20 to buy some wine. Before Nisha left, we asked if we could take one final picture together. The guy agreed and we snapped this shot

On my ride back alone with the guy he began offering me more money, up to $150. I was too turned off by the guy and how ugly he was to accept. He dropped me off and now I'm waiting on a guy whose dick I actually want to arrive.

Ultimately, this was the funniest and most spontaneous TG meetup ever. I'll never forget it Queenisha


< 3 never 5get
Sent by Queenisha,Oct 22, 2016
this is why homophobia exists
Sent by Toast805,Oct 22, 2016
NOTHING could have prepared me for what happened next
Sent by mahogany,Oct 22, 2016
you are the worst sistar slash dordor
Sent by Stering_butter,Oct 22, 2016
ok so did yall fuck
Sent by deshonBANNEDISBACK,Oct 22, 2016
Sent by Dreamdoll,Oct 22, 2016
deshonbannedisback yes they did
Sent by mahogany,Oct 22, 2016
deshonbannedisback no we didnt
Sent by Queenisha,Oct 22, 2016
ended park bom's controversy
Sent by KingGeek,Oct 22, 2016
Sent by owlb0ned,Oct 22, 2016
Sent by Yaxha,Oct 22, 2016
This happened to me, except I was alone and the person took away my phone and wouldn't let me leave. Then I got a $300 gas card for my troubles. :[
Sent by BlueBarracuda,Oct 22, 2016
u are worth so much more than $150!
Sent by Carriexoxo24xo,Oct 22, 2016
This is all kind of gay
Sent by Scononduders,Oct 22, 2016
wait, so u mean ur really not michelle Obama?????????
Sent by Obstreperous,Oct 22, 2016
I Wonder who will pay you guys for sex lol
Sent by galore,Oct 22, 2016
The pictures are soo me when i read this
Sent by sihz,Oct 22, 2016
oh my god
Sent by Phenomanimal,Oct 22, 2016
+ for Cornell
Sent by bambinoswag,Oct 22, 2016
Who will pay you guys for sex lol
Sent by galore,Oct 22, 2016
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Sent by Downeaster,Oct 23, 2016
yikes @ all of this =/
Sent by Olympia,Oct 23, 2016

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