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3rdMar 28, 2016 by MichelleObama
So as many of you know, this past weekend I got to meet up with my best friend stering_butter for the first time ever in NYC! It was a great time and I'm here to write the play by play of everything that went down.

Okay so on Friday, Sterling and his friend Angie were waiting for me at Port Authority Bus Station. My bus was supposed to arrive at 3, but I only got there at like 3:45. I then like struggled to find them in the bus station, so we all decided to meet outside in front of the NY Times building. After a while, I found them and Sterling screamed and almost tackled me to the ground trying to hug me.

Then, me, him, and Angie all went to Angie's dorm, WHICH IS ACTUALLY IN A HOTEL I THOUGHT THAT WAS SO COOL. Like I guess her college bought out some floors of the hotel and turned them into dorms. So we went up and Angie's friend was away for the weekend and said we could all sleep in their room. So we got there and me and Sterling started doing our makeup. Well, Sterling did most of both our makeup, I just kind of put on the lipstick, liner, and moisturized. But anyways we were #beat #mug4dayz.

Well at this point it was like 5:30pm and we wanted to get to the Carly Rae Jepsen concert as quick as possible so that we could be as close the stage as we can. We decided to take the subway, and I was so scared the whole time. Like never before in my life have I worn a skirt and a full face of makeup in public. I legit thought I would get jumped. But i knew I would be safe cause Sterling could shatter anyone who tried to hurt me, and his friend Angie gave us some mace to take to the concert.

Once we actually arrived at the concert venue, we were so shocked at the type of people who were there for Carly. They were all so indie looking. Like, there were jean jackets everywhere, I was honestly triggered. I was hoping there would be more #femmegays for me to bond with over our femmeness, but oh well.

When they let us in the venue, me and Sterling kept an eye out for BBDamian, cause appearantly he was gonna be there too. At some point I got really hungry and didn't feel like looking anymore so I went to go get a pretzel and buy Sterling some water. When i came back, I saw Sterling and Jon talking and then I was like hey! Jon was pretty cool and his friend (or boyfriend idk what he was) was awesome too. We chatted during the first opening act cause they weren't really appealing.

Throughout the opening acts, there were these two really drunk girls next to us. They were being all sorts of messy. They was flailing their arms all over the place and putting their cell phone camera flash in everyones eyes, and it was just very irritating. Sterling gave one of them a look at one point and one of them got really offended. Sterling was literally ready to throwdown with this bitch, but Jon had a word with the girls and Sterling calmed down. I was standing closest to the girls, and they continued to be annoying. Eventually, one of the other gays in the vicinity got fed up with them too and did the most strategic thing ever. He told them they had great energy and like put glitter on their faces and said that they should move closer to the front so they could spread that energy somewhere else. He literally deserved a Nobel Peace Prize for that, I was gaggedt at his diplomatic skills. The funny thing is though, before Carly even came on, security escorted the girls out cause they were too drunk. It was great.

The Carly concert itself was so good. We were all feeling our oats. Things started getting intense as the concert progressed though. The mass of dancing gays separated me and sterling from Jon and his friend. Also, for whatever reason during E.Mo.Tion and Good Time, the crowd got really violent and I almost fell so many times. I had to hand onto Sterling's arm and shoulders for dear life. Sterling almost died at some point during those two songs too. Sterling was carrying a hoodie with him, but things just got too crazy for him to hold onto it that he just threw it on the ground and stood on it the whole concert. Throughout the whole thing there were gays grinding up all on us, and I was like grinding up on some girl for half the concert, and someone stuck their hand down Sterling's pants and it was a lot.

Our original plan was to stay after the concert to meet Carly, but Sterling was literally about to die from dehydration and pain. So after the final number, we rushed out and went to a Dunkin Donuts to drink something and sit down. We were only there for like 10 minutes though cause it was about to close. After we left, we coincidentally saw Jon and his friend again and we ended up taking the picture that Jon posted in his blog.

After that me and Sterling walked all the way from Terminal 5 to Columbus Circle trying to catch a train back to his friend's dorm, but we couldn't figure out how the subway worked so our tired asses got an Uber to take us back. As soon as we got back we just washed our faces and collapsed and went to bed cause we were spent. Sterling literally died on the floor while me and his friend Angie slept in the bed.

The next day me, Sterling, Angie, and her roommate with her lesbian girl friend all went to get Chipotle. We got take out and went back to the dorm to eat. It was nice. Also while in the dorm I noticed this vending machine, and like instead of it having well designed pictures of the different sodas, it was like pictures someone took with their phone of the sodas. Like this This probably isnt as funny to y'all as it was to me but idk I was dying.

After that, me, Sterling, and Angie decided to go explore the city for the remaining few hours we had left together. Our first stop was to a Party City. We spent most of our time there just trying on a bunch of festive accesories. Here's a pic of us in bridal head pieces Also Party City sells Passover 10 Plagues finger puppets and we died at that. I never thought Jewish/Christian religion was so commodified before that.

We then went to Sephora and spent all our time swatching makeup on our hands. Also Sephora played 2 Madonna songs and a Kylie minogue song, we really felt very at home there.

then we went back to the dorm, got our stuff, and went our separate ways.

This was my first ever meet-up and I'm so glad it was such an amazing experience with my best friend. This really just cemented our friendship so much, and I'm so glad me and Sterling met, and hopefully this won't be the last time. But yeah, thats like the elaborated version of what all went down.

Meeting Jon was great too btw! He and his (boy)friend were great company for like the time we were actually together at the concert!!!


yall snap stories gave me life and made me fucking jealous. bye!
Sent by KingGeek,Mar 28, 2016
im glad you had fun and didnt die
Sent by ILoveSleep,Mar 28, 2016
Sent by Stering_butter,Mar 28, 2016
I read all of this and I'm honestly not surprised at the Carly Rae Jepsen concert becoming such a hot mess lmao.

But yeah I'm glad you all got to meet up and had fun!
Sent by Insanity,Mar 28, 2016
That vending machine was the highlight
Sent by Brandonator,Mar 28, 2016
aw thomas < 3
Sent by JosephinaAlexis,Mar 28, 2016
not quite as iconic as the OC meetup on top of the empire state building
Sent by TheGoodMan,Mar 28, 2016
Eventually, one of the other gays in the vicinity
Sent by Irelia,Mar 28, 2016
That vending machine was the highlight
Sent by Gardenia,Mar 28, 2016
im screaming @ somebody sticking their hand in sterlings pants
Sent by dak236,Mar 28, 2016
i just laughed for 15 minutes at that fucking vending machine and now i cant tell which is the bigger mess
Sent by devinwithparasites,Mar 29, 2016

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