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  1. Steve99
  2. I am online now
  3. I may be 100lbs bigger than you
  4. I are tide pods for breakfast
  5. BrunoMiguel 70.3%
  6. Imagine giving birth to a child
  7. figured id be nice
  8. haha no life
  9. Know your place Eli
  10. Got fired today
  11. New phone need numbers
  12. For every 3 points
  13. anybody want to be my friend
  14. Am i hot too
  15. Anybody wanna call and discuss our feelings?
  16. Casey Anthony McFarlane.
  17. someone add me to a chat
  18. redfabfoxy at a USA sporting event
  19. for every 10 points
  20. first comment
  21. thumper91 voting in stars
  22. Just filed a police report
  23. someone gift wildboy
  24. let me just say
  25. getting a shop friday
  26. Best competing shop owner
  27. I masturbate every morning
  28. You’re obsessed with me
  29. 70.3% of tengaged
  30. gonna join stars saturday
  31. had a great day yesterday
  32. frosted flakes are more than good
  33. Interesting
  34. Please stop removing my blogs
  35. Crimson Louie?
  36. Who is that guy
  37. I came so hard yesterday
  38. Just took a shit... and
  39. Things I love doing
  40. You’re so hot

had a great day yesterday

May 15, 2019 by MichaelChavis
yesterday i had a troll banned, filed a police report on a user, made a f3 in a fasting, saw a user blog me 3 love notes, & talked to my man here several times
& got served breakfast in bed irl

went to beach also :) with snow covered mountains in view



i think the highlight of ur day was the beach deffo xo
Sent by paul028,May 15, 2019
Sale had 17 ks and the Sox still lost so...
Sent by astone929,May 15, 2019

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