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  1. I love being a good but not great student
  2. 1 2 3 4
  3. your opinion isnt the only valid one
  4. Depressed today
  5. Khalid>
  6. finals is making me wanna kms
  7. No title
  8. No title
  9. How good
  10. Idk what's wrong with me
  11. My president
  12. me when my teacher says
  13. when u get ur finals grades back
  14. tag someone
  15. Is it bad
  16. I should be studying for finals
  17. how bueno
  18. I'm in such a bad place rn
  19. factoring is the most annoying type of math
  20. People like you
  21. I remember you
  22. Do you really think
  23. so is Brexit even happening anymore?
  24. evangelical nut
  25. also
  26. what a hag
  27. imagine being so STUPID
  28. why am I so boring lol
  29. when the teacher says
  30. im a flop
  31. *when u realize u forgot to put on shoes*
  32. I really hate
  33. PYN
  34. You all are losers
  35. One time
  36. You not being aborted was a choice
  37. What even is the point of finals
  38. Must my teachers
  39. yall are fucking sad
  40. italy is being ruined

someone gift

Nov 11, 2018 by Memphis_Grizzlies
gagaluv the hijab
I know she would LOVE it

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