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  1. Bad Morning
  2. I swear
  3. all years are the worst year
  4. can someone diguise as me
  5. attention blogs page
  6. me when I have to learn 357 spanish vocab terms
  7. me during finals week
  8. does anyone just wish
  9. wait
  10. Woo
  11. girls with glasses
  12. (+/-) The Homosexual
  13. stop disguising your racism
  14. as someone who has been learning spanish for..
  15. Don't all the spanish atleast use google..
  16. I feel like the world is such a negative place
  17. why is subways slogan
  18. remember when
  19. ik this is late
  20. school is so annoying
  21. PYN(And skype)
  22. Who wants to be added to my chat?
  23. people are so fucking irritating
  24. why are imgur users
  25. #WithNoMultis
  26. How good(or bad) is my handwriting?
  27. help meee
  28. The customer is always right
  29. yall are missing the point
  30. I cant stand
  31. No title
  32. idgi
  33. I'm getting some salt and vinegar chips today
  34. Normally today would be a happy friday
  35. hahahahaha
  36. No title
  37. your opinion isnt the only valid one
  38. Depressed today
  39. Khalid>
  40. finals is making me wanna kms

+ for John

Mar 6, 2018 by Memphis_Grizzlies
- for Jon
let's see which name prevails


Jon is more uncommon and unique in my opinion
Sent by paul028,Mar 6, 2018
negged for Jon Snow
Sent by SexGoddx,Mar 6, 2018

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