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  1. my bmi is 19.1
  2. Hi
  3. high school sucks
  4. someone KILL ME
  5. the eh bee family
  6. ugh really jerick mckinnon
  7. whos been banned
  8. If my teacher doesn't give me atleast an A- on my..
  9. School starts monday for me D:
  10. ive realized
  11. im craving ruffles
  12. Rop
  13. The Oakland Raiders are so sad...
  14. lmfao omg
  15. im curioso what u guys think
  16. blandgela is so nasty
  17. How many unread mails do you have?
  19. how come
  20. me at there being a city
  21. omg lol
  22. Youre not dying fast enough, Granny
  23. just so you all know
  24. why do people
  25. NFL Preseason starts today
  26. Why do white ppl
  27. Your blog was removed
  28. I love being put into
  29. how long is idahs ban lmfao
  30. can someone whos banned
  31. autobiographical essays r so easy lol...
  32. Why is starbucks coffee always so burnt
  33. trying to get old people to use technology
  34. Lol why do schools
  35. My sister starts high school in a week
  36. Heyo tengaged
  37. Exactly one month until NFL regular season starts
  38. My breasts can always tell when its gonna rain
  39. Idk if this sounds nerdy or not..
  40. I think my mom is legitimately psychotic


Feb 9, 2018 by Memphis_Grizzlies
I got exempted from the PE group dance test cuz I was gone the whole week except today and i had a doctor's note saying I couldn't do anything today


skipping school again to play tengaged? really, memphis?
Sent by Carsonl,Feb 9, 2018
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Feb 9, 2018

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