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  1. Some people are so ignorant
  2. Unpopular opinion
  3. No title
  4. theres a reason
  5. oh that reminds me
  6. In my opinion,
  7. ur kinda sad
  8. if Diane Dressman
  9. who wants to watch
  10. Nelk-
  11. +/- Fritos
  12. Let's settle this
  13. my pet peeve
  14. No title
  15. No title
  16. 8:17 make a wish
  17. who else thinks
  18. tengaged is alive!
  19. No title
  20. Repeat my mantra
  21. who wants to become friends conmigo
  22. Humanity Sucks
  23. I'm not gonna write a whole essay response
  24. Got a 97 on my chem test!! :D
  25. + if you're also part of the single life
  26. Should I ditch school tomorrow
  27. Relationship Status:
  28. Why do i get so distracted so easily
  29. 1 more school day
  30. you gays are annoying
  31. if I dont get atleast a 94 on my chem test
  32. do u ever just wanna
  33. overly ambitious kids are so irritating
  34. fuck western standard of dress
  35. tbh
  36. No title
  37. Question for teachers/ very experienced students
  38. Maybe I need to start smoking weed!
  39. lmao people still care about the grammys?
  40. I hate racist people


Feb 9, 2018 by Memphis_Grizzlies
I got exempted from the PE group dance test cuz I was gone the whole week except today and i had a doctor's note saying I couldn't do anything today


skipping school again to play tengaged? really, memphis?
Sent by Carsonl,Feb 9, 2018
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Feb 9, 2018

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