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This Is My Dream Easter Avatar

2ndApr 5, 2015 by Megan
imageI saw this person with a rabbit avatar on Tengaged Brazil and I just decided that i have to have this avatar lol.

There is the picture of it. Also here is the person that I found on Tengaged Brazil with that avatar.

Can anyone gift me this sometime? Or is it an illegal design here? I'm guessing it would be a legal design though if someone uploaded the eyes, nose, mouth, and rabbit skin all separately though right?  I hope someone can gift it to me lol, or gift it to me on Tengaged Brazil instead. I guess i should try to get a shop and upload it myself, but I don't really have time to spam designs into auctions.


Sent by Conjow,Apr 5, 2015
awe it's so cute!
Sent by cotbey,Apr 5, 2015
1st...? :D
Sent by ninjohn,Apr 5, 2015
Sent by ricktworick1,Apr 5, 2015
love it
Sent by Sweetie101,Apr 5, 2015
Sent by GentlemanG,Apr 5, 2015
I like it
Sent by Arcaninemaster,Apr 5, 2015
Sent by Gardenia,Apr 5, 2015
I like it
Sent by JasonXtreme,Apr 5, 2015
With the new mod, i dont think its illegal so you could have it!
Sent by Guigi,Apr 5, 2015
Sent by MikeRORO,Apr 5, 2015
Sounds like a great plan Megan, if you would like I could spam designs for you to get your shop. It'll be for free meaning you won't have to gift me for the spamming =)
Sent by disneygeek,Apr 5, 2015
Sent by bunnycat,Apr 5, 2015

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